questionsdo you love this future flying car?


Meet George Jetson.
His Boy Elroy.
Daughter Judy.
Jane, his wife.


I doubt these will ever go into actual production. The idea sounds good until you put it on paper. The FAA would restrict flying cars until they aren't practical for anyone to actually use.

The danger of having just anyone decide to drop onto or take off from a highway while others are using it is scary. People can't drive as it is -- add the function of flying a 1200 lb hunk of metal over the highway and it's terrifying.


Ah yes, the tiltrotor. Best known from that paragon of safety and reliability, the Osprey.

@capguncowboy What if you combined Google's driverless car technology with a flying car? A pilot's license would be required to fly the car yourself, and you can take over once you land or let the car continue driving itself.


@capguncowboy: Amen, brother. I know everyone goes mental for flying cars, but just stop and think for a moment about all the idiots on the road. Now think of that idiot in the air, above your house. Still want one?

As for Google's driverless, I still don't want an idiot in a carplane even with that, until the technology has been around for about 100 years or so, all the bugs have been worked out and people have gotten used to it. We'd also need to work in some sort of "no, you can't take off on less than half a tank of gas, 'E' does not mean 'enough', go to a gas station" restriction.


It does sound wonderful, until you think about how many bad drivers there are. And the thought of drunk drivers buzzing around in the air is more than a little terrifying. If only everyone drove as well as I do...


Put in a GPS feature that keeps the flying car over or near current road systems in most situations and I would be more than happy to have them. That gets some of those crazies off the roads for the rest of us. Just keep an eye on the fuel...