questionsbuckyballs vs zen magnets


Is he wearing a woot shirt? Anyone who is curious at, 3:10 he plugs woot.

Aside from the fact that the guy from Buckyballs was a complete jerk, nothing from Zen Magnets in their quality claim is anything to be bragging over.
Diameter differences in the Buckys was at the greatest extreme 42/1000th of a millimeter off from the expected diameter of 5.000 mm. Last I checked, no one is building anything of importance with these puppies to warrant the necessity for such tolerances(PM me for photos of what happens when you are a tenth to a hundreth off). The same goes for the finish(would surprise me if Bucky is buying reject magnets) and the field strength(such a difference matters for say, a home made particle accelerator[and you would us stronger magnets]).


Oh snap, video removed due to copyright claim.


@catbertthegreat: Yes, he is wearing a woot shirt.
The Apathy Coalition by BootsBoots:


Importance (or lack thereof) does not negate quality.



Actually you can see in the video when he does the 2x2 ball stick test, the difference the small diameter changes make. So yeah it's not rocket science, but it actually does matter when trying to build stuff out of these and wanting the balls to line up neatly. And that's the way Murphy is of course, he puts all the slightly smaller balls on one side of something and the slightly larger ones on the other, and after 10 or 15 balls those small differences add up into something that actually makes a difference.

The finish mostly makes a difference if you are going to take macro photo's of your creations, other than that, well I'd guess that (not having compared) it makes it a little easier to work with them, or at least more pleasurable, for the finish to be smoother.


As someone with a passion for playing with spherical magnets; I can attest to the quality of Zen Magnets being quite important when you are making large irregular structures.

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