questionsdid you watch the republican presidential debateā€¦


Nope. I have more important things to do.


@iggz: I must admit, when I saw you wrote this question, I clicked this expecting a punchline. Slightly disappointed, I thought I had you pegged.


Nope - I might check the highlights though. Anyone make a complete ass of themselves (more than usual, I mean)?


There was a debate last night? News to me...

But then again, I don't have cable and become apathetic and disenfranchised with the whole political process.


@prosperouscheat: I thought Pawlenty made a fool of himself going after Bachmann, he acted like a little baby. Santorum cried about not getting enough questions, and he definitely made an ass out of himself trying to argue history with Ron Paul. I'm sure most of you know about this, but if you haven't Googled Santorum, you really should.

And Huntsman was just a joke by himself, he said record 3 times in the same sentence. Romney's face was so bright pink/red he looked drunk. Cain doesn't have any substance whatsoever. His only claim to fame is that he runs a pizza joint.

Ron Paul killed it and the people agree! Take a lot at this poll, it's pretty amazing. You can view it by city, state, or comments. States are completely green, and this is a FOX News poll lol. I bet they are pissed.

I love it.


@iggz: Amazing! Especially since Ron Paul is all but ignored. I do think his followers are more apt to take internet polls but it is hard to argue with those numbers! I added my vote just now! I love him as a candidate but really don't like the youtube clip of him saying he doesn't believe in evolution :( But I don't think that would keep him from being a good president.


@benyust2: Good to hear. I know the video you are talking about. You should read these:

Interesting at least. But I think either way, NO one really knows for sure. So who is more right? No one.


I can't wait until O'Bummer gets defeated


Obama still leads against all republican candidates in polls including fox news except a generic not yet running candidate


Love Ron Paul. It peeves me greatly that more don't take him seriously.

I didn't watch the debate.

I did see where "Got a D in college economics" Perry threw his hat in the ring, though. He seems very charismatic. Someone said "Read my lips, no new Texans"..thought that was pretty funny. He interests me and I want to hear what he has to say backed up by some hard core stats.

I am open to anyone that can help at this point. Whatever party that is.


@iggz: I'm not into politics, but LOL at your replies.


Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time,0,2481281.story

Nice going, O'Bummer!


@iggz: Just curious - are you just into badmouthing without contributing any solutions to the current problem?


@ojulius: You aren't welcome on my questions, get out loser.

I could fix Washington in one day.


@iggz: You could start by removing yourself from the gene pool.