questionswhy not a wootenanny?


I'll give you 10 bonus points just for the word Wootenanny.


Wootenanny is a truly great word, congratulations on coining it. We need to figure it how to apply it to the internet. All I could come with would essentially be a Woot-Off with a different name.


@nedreck: I'm as far south as you can be and still be in a Union state =) a peek over the Ohio river and BAM...Confederates! We're famous for being the first stop on the underground railroad...or last stop...something like that.


@candreae @hot72chev : I recognized the term as a derivative of "hootenanny". Smack-dab in the near-middle of the South here.


Hillbilly is just a state of mind. I know, since I am a modern hipster hillbilly living in Montucky (northern Rockies). For proof of my theory, just attend a gun show in your area.