questionswhat is your favorite holiday tradition?


Drinking is my all-time favorite.


Food. Friends. Did I mention food?


going out for eggnog at the corner store on Christmas eve... although every time I do, SANTA CLAUS mysteriously knocks on the door for a visit with the kids. dangit!

Figure this is the last year the 8-yr old is gonna buy it.... she'll probably figure it out this year.

Anyway, the swedish part of me makes sure we celebrate Christmas on christmas eve, while my American side does the traditional christmas morning gift-opening for the kids and family. two days of fun!


Amongst my favorite holiday traditions:
Service of Lessons and Carols at my church the last Sunday before everyone goes out of town for the holidays - For me, this is my Christmas Eve service with my family I'm not related to. Bible readings about Jesus, Christmas carols, the little kids sing, the adult choir sings, the congregation sings, we all eat cookies afterwards.

My immediate family gathers at my sister's family's house for about a week. It's a great time to spend together, get on each others nerves at times, annoy my sister by insisting that we have "pink salad" and German chocolate cake for Christmas eve and playfully argue about whether the mashed potatoes should have the skin on or off. We go to her church on Christmas Eve and come home for dessert, opening stockings and tracking Santa on the NORAD web site (my nephews don't believe in Santa anymore, but it's still fun to track him). Christmas morning is gifts and cinnamon roles and post-Christmas shopping on the 26th.


@eraten: There's never enough. Cheers!