questionsis this a conflict of interest?


I tattled it. It has appeared and disappeared several times in the last few weeks. So far it has been removed every time. Conflict of interest? Hard to say since there are no "official" rules.


Yes, this deal keeps popping up and getting removed. I posted it when it first came out and it was removed within 10 minutes. Other times when it gets posted it takes a couple of hours to get removed. Either way, it's actually a pretty nice deal - $0.05 for an mp3 for basically doing nothing. I have a FB account that I use exclusively for contests, giveaways and other promotional crap so that I can sign up and not care about having a bunch of spam on my wall.


Gee, maybe because it was posted in the middle of the night? I was working but didn't notice it was a FB deal. I only lightly moderate the deals overnight for counterfeit and spam deals plus the obvious no-nos.

Please be tolerant of our sleep schedules and business hours. Thanks.


@thunderthighs: Maybe you should be a little more willing to meet the needs of the community. You can start by providing us with a home phone and cell phone so we can reach you when we have any issues or questions. And for us insomniacs, someone we can call in the middle of night and talk to when we can't sleep....


@tarasadies: OMG, you're right. How selfish of me. My number is 1-800-555-NOWAY.


@thunderthighs: oh, that explains why I wasn't getting through! I was calling 1-800-867-5309.


Maybe the Amazon deal stays up because it owns Woot.


Blame the posters, not the postee (?) or whatever.