questionshas anyone tried shaving with a dovo shavette?


The first thing you should do is admit to yourself that you're a serial killer. (Whether you've actually started yet isn't important, it's just a matter of time.) Once you've done that, I think you'll find that you no longer need to seek the approval of random strangers in order to justify the purchase of a straight razor.


You might have some luck with this as far as learning goes. The issue I've had with these, basically, razor-blade holders is that they don't really match up with the shaving style you'll need with a regular straight razor. They usually feel a lot lighter and they're usually pretty flat, so you don't get the feel of the wider-tanged straight razor.
My suggestion would be to look at some of the more reliable straight razor restorers/resellers, such as:
That way you'll get a quality razor at a good price that more accurately reflects the weight and dimensions of a straight razor.


@gewoodworth: It looks like even their budget blades are a bit more than I was looking to spend before I know whether I like it.

When I was putzing around the internet I saw a couple people mention happen to know if that's a good deal or a scam?


@panthiest: Whipped Dog seems to be a very reputable site. I knew I had heard of it before so I went to Straight Razor Place and searched their forum.
-SRP Search for Whipped Dog

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@stupimlico: thanks :)

and []text[/url] is how you usually do it, although I don't think it works on questions/answers for some reason


@panthiest: no problem, thank you for reminding me about cheap options for a straight. I've got a beard that if in serious need of removal, and I want to give a straight a try.