questionsdid you actually get the "santa's sack of crap…


got one, too. Haven't been able to get in for a looooong time, so this will be my first BOC in ages! Christmas Eve is my brithday, too. Thanks, Woot, for a birhtday/Christmas present!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Yes I received my sak from Santa. Thanks woot again.


same here...I got mine about 30 minutes after it was listed. Just kept trying and trying and in, got one, got out.


@caron7: Congrats and happy belated brithday...err birhtday...I mean birthday.
Got my first one also after almost giving up.


@xdavex: Thanks for the birthday wishes and for catching the typo! I caught it too late to edit, but come on, it WAS 2 am. And I was taught cursive writing in school, not keyboarding :)


I am so annoyed with myself. I was online when the deal changed, and saw the laptop come up on the screen. I wasn't interested, so I never read the description. Then the stuff hit the fan and the servers went down.Only then I knew that I should have read on.


@atd15: My brother and I were both on our computers... he has seen it 4 times but never has gotten it... 2 minutes in he's like "AHHH ITS IN THE DESCRIPTION!!!" we were freaking out and 503's everywhere... he dropped out after 20 minutes... I kept going :)


I didn't know to watch for one. Go figure to expect the unexpected.


I missed it. As soon as I saw the laptop, I read the description and clicked "bag" - nothing but 503 errors for me and the hubs... Oh well. Merry Crapmas to those who scored!


I didn't notice the link in the text till 3 or 4 minutes after the switch and by then server was killed. Tried for 15 minutes refreshing and then got sidetracked. Tried again about 15 minutes later (30 minutes total) and was shocked the page loaded not sold out. Breezed thru checkout in 15 seconds surprised the entire time.


I was able to get one and my wife got one too! Super excited because it is the first time either of us tried to get one--we have only been on woot for like 3 weeks!!! Can not wait!!!!!