questionschallenge: subscription to the economist for…


The site (Cheap Magazines) seems pretty interesting, rather like a deal aggregator, but just for magazines. Perhaps I am just out of touch.


@jamesbondqbranch: I am not familiar with riteprice, but they have a coupon code for a limited time.

After entering the Coupon Code: EM15
it brings the price down to $82.97


@durkzilla: I've puzzled about what you meant by this all night. I can see several ironic interpretations, but am interested in what you meant, specifically.


12 Issues - $1.00 per issue
Please sign me up for continuous service. I will pay just $12 for my first 12 issues (85% savings off the cover price) and then $29 every 3 months thereafter.

From the website you listed, I would tend to think this means $12 a year for the first year with authomatic renewals at $120 for the continuation for an additonal year. All told, $132 for two years. Cancel after 2nd year? Year 3???? However, you are the math genius and this was very apparent to you I am sure.


@klozitshoper: That offer is for the online version. I want the paper version. I had said "There's a pretty decent rate there for online, but I'd much rather have it in paper." I am more interested in someone vouching for any of the magazine discounters offering very low rates. I'm in no actual hurry to subscribe, since I am (currently) overwhelmed with reading material (including a return to my original quantitative methods text, from 1981, which is still extremely relevant).

Some things are worth having in paper. I note that the paper subscription provides access to the online edition, in any case.


I see. It looked to me as if it were the paper edition because it referenced a "bound in" supplement and unrestricted access to the online edition. I have read this publication on occasion and it is indeed a very interesting one.


Here ya go:

Use coupon code "ECONOMY" (without quotes) to bring the price down to $49.99.

@klozitshoper: this is a weekly periodical, not monthly. So 12 issues = 3 months (one Quarter).


I see it, but (as @anotherhiggins has already pointed out) that's less time than it seems (since it's a weekly magazine).

That offer only extends for 25 weeks, and then it'll go up to the full price. I have found that the local library has a subscription, and I think I'm going to be content with just that for now. I have so many irons in the fire that I think I need to have a moment or two to get my head back above water.

Thanks very much for remembering this challenge, though, and I appreciate your pointing out this offer.


Sorry to anyone who's actually subscribed to this question, but I'm doing year end clean up, and this is a good place to stash this note.

1. white 0
2. yellow 0.1-14
3. orange 15-29
4. brick 30 - (43)
5. brown (45) - 59
6. green 60 - (74)
7. purple (78) - 98.5
8. black 98.5 - 100

Parentheses imply imputed values. Values are otherwise verified.