questionswho gives mother's day gifts/cards from pets?


I can't even imagine.

In years past, I was always happy to receive a card from my kids, or a "Happy Mother's Day" tossed over their shoulder on the way out the door. They are just now coming of age and giving me actual gifts and it is lovely.

All of that aside, I guess it is a sweet gesture. I am sure that it means a lot to your wife. Good on you!


I saw these cards for the first time today! I can understand, if you have a very tight bond with your pets. We refer to our dogs as "the kids" - so it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to get a card from them.


When our dog was alive, we treated him like our child since we had no children, so yes, we would buy each other gifts and cards for all the holidays and they would be from him (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays). But the cards we would buy would not be "from the dog" cards, they would just be regular cards to Mom or Dad.

It was corny but it was fun and it was always exciting to see what "he" picked out (he had quite good taste for a Husky!)...........sheepishly displays the big "L" on her forehead......


There's no one to buy me a Mother's Day card or gift from my dog or cat, it's just the three of us. But they give me the most precious of all gifts every day, so I don't need a card.


We don't ever do this, but this year I've had to make an exception.

My husband is a big Star Wars fan (most especially of Vader) and he kept pointing out a couple little Vader bobble heads that said cheesy things about being a great dad when we were at our local Blockbuster (yes, it still exists!) I finally broke down and bought one (cheaper on Amazon!), so it'll be given to my husband from our 3 children (the cats) for Father's day.

This will NOT become a normal thing for us. This will NOT become a normal thing for us. This will NOT become a normal thing for us...


Before the kids and after the kids grew up, huuby and I do.


I wouldn't buy an extra card to give from my rabbit but he usually "signs" the one I give with a little nibble on the corner.


Starbuck the Wonder Pom just sent his mom a gold locket.


Seems like a crazy-cat-lady thing to do. A disconnect from reality, if you will. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice gesture... but are you being serious when you say that an expectation has been set up and in the absence of such an act, hurt feelings would be involved? If you don't see something wrong with that, i don't know what to say.

I'm a pet owner and lover, as is my wife, but we do try to separate ourselves from the rabble that overly anthropomorphizes their pets (especially the outfits.. ugh, stop it with the outfits!) - i know my dogs don't give a crap about my birthday or gift giving holidays, etc. I don't have any problem when my young niece or nephews give out gift-wrapped dog biscuits, because at their age, personification is perfectly normal and healthy.

I won't go off on a rant, but i think the whole concept is just silly, and reinforces the idea many people have about pet owners being loons.


Last year my mother sent me an Amazon gift card from my cat. She even wrote a little message to me using his cat voice, saying that he asked Grammie to help him send me a present. It was silly but sweet. I hold no misconceptions that my cat genuinely knows what Mother's Day is or that if he did, he would want to spend money on me. My cat is a notorious cheapskate.


My spouse and I each have adult children living on their own. Our two poodles never forget Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, or the appropriate birthdays. My son and his lovely wife were much the same with my granddog, right down to little t-shirts for him; I say "were" because they lost the little guy a few weeks ago after a serious back injury. My sister and her husband go futher with it than I do. All our dogs send Christmas gifts to their furry cousins.

It's harmless, it's fun,and we all enjoy it. I don't really care a rat's fuzzy butt if someone thinks that makes us all "rabble."


the same people who voted democrat in the last 2 elections


@magic cave: in re-reading my comment, i realize it reads much harsher than intended. Keep in mind, i'm from nyc, so there are a lot of pet owning crazies... I don't mean to target the innocent and cutesy pet affection, but my commentary was more aimed at the rather socially inept loony bin candidates that roam this city


@magic cave: My mom sends stuff to her grand"sons" - she's called my dogs my kids since forever, and I don't see the harm in it. It's not as if they were breast fed... that would be weird.


@goatcrapp: If it's not hurting anyone,does it matter ? It just might be helping the person who is very into their pet(s). Even those, you label "loonies". Maybe especially them. LIfe is hard. Anything to bring some light into someone's life, that is not hurting someone else, I think is a good thing.


@goatcrapp: Sure, there are some "pet-loving crazies" in NYC, but so long as they're not being jerks about it (insisting to the vet in an annoyed tone that the animal's last name ISN'T hyphenated, for example)*, I just don't care.

I'm far more concerned about the New Yorkers who abuse and abandon their animals.

*This happened.


I just got one in the mail, from my 2 cats, courtesy of my insane mother.