questionshow's this for a marketing ploy?


I remember getting a rather large box from HP that a network switch would come in; inside it was a large stack of fake money. We had no idea what it was about, as there were no flyers or explanations with it. Turns out that one of our vendors was trying to sell us network switches from HP, and it was a promotion of sorts.


@subether: That would have been cool if you could have used the fake money towards the purchase of the switches. But since you couldn't, what a waste. It probably had everyone at the office talking about it though, and that was probably one of their goals. It just amazes me how much money these companies will spend on stuff like this.


What brand Helicopter? You might be able to find a remote for it elsewhere.


haha if you do buy a remote, you should send the box back with the receipt for the remote in it


Yeah, you can absolutely get a remote for it elsewhere.

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that sounds like someone is really trying to get a foot in the door. I don't know if this is a new technique or not, but it is an interesting attempt. In my office that thing would have disappeared in a second, and no one would have ever known....


I have seen this, keep the car perhaps they will send you the remote by accident. So far I have seen this twice, the first no one did anything for the remote but we already tossed the car. The second time we stored the box and marked the box "throw away after a date (the date was 1 year after we received the copter)


They can't know much about accounting if they sent it in Feb.
Call them and set up a meeting in April.


@coondogg97: Thanks for the link!

@baqui63: I kept forgetting to bring the thing home, finally remembered and I can't find a brand name on it anywhere.

After going to @coondogg97's ebay link, it made me decide to search for amex heli's on ebay and there's actually 2 different sellers listing them right now, for ridiculous prices IMO, with no remotes!
I will probably just give it to my FIL at this point, he's really in to RC toys and I'm sure he'll figure out how to work it. I'm too busy with work right now to play with it anyway :(