questionswhy doesn't black friday just turn into an all…


I'm sure it is just a matter of time...


Someone did just that at the store my husband works at last year. Just walked out with a tv or a video game console I think. I can't remember the exact details. The year before that two large men threatened to beat up a little old lady if she didn't give them what she had in her cart. It's ridiculous. The stores actually ending up losing money on their black friday deals anyway, that's why they have such limited quantities. It's really just a scheme to get people in the door.


People (the majority) still have their moral compass which keeps them from following through on something like that. In addition, police show their presence and stores have extra security to make it seem like it is not worth it and to keep slipping compasses in check. However though, as society slips, less and less of a push is needed. Like was stated before, it is probably just a matter of time.


@wisenekt: A person has a moral compass. "People" can do some insane things when the mob mentality kicks in.


What's the over/under on it happening this year?


In the past most of the thieving took place in the parking lots. Wait for people to sit in line, get the goods, pay for them, then accost them in the parking lot as they are loading their cars. Much easier than dealing with employees, security guards and possibly police in the store. And far fewer security cameras in the parking lot.


Because it's Christmas, for Christ's sake!

J/K - I'm surprised as well and think it's pretty much just a matter of time. If/when this happens - I wonder if stores will be less likely to have blowout deals...


I keep hearing about the parking lot thefts around here. Load your stuff in the car to go get more and someone breaks into the car. There was a string of cars in one parking lot last year.

I would not be surprised if many things walk during the chaos. Maybe it is not specifically mentioned so more people do not think of it and cause it to happen more often.


I know it's kind of odd, but my feeling upon reading your question was that, if you are turning out at the crack of dawn to get a great deal on something, then the victory of getting a great deal is made moot if you steal it. You can steal an XBox anytime. But buying one legally for $29.99? That's some bragging rights!

It's silly, and people who aren't as competitive as I am would probably feel entirely differently. But to me, going in to score a great deal and then shoplifting the item is cheating. It's a bargain-hunting contest, you can't win it by looting.


To be honest I''ve waited for it to happen for a few years now- all it would take is a small group and that group will expand and create total havoc. No one could stop it but instead of sending a message to corporate america we'd rather camp out for some bullprofanity deal on a purchase you will regret two months after x-mas. With the Walmart strike-i think its not out of the realm of possibility it happens this year. The supplies are all there and the employees are pissed and for good reason. luckily for me i wont be anywhere near a walmart stopped shopping there when they decided it was a great idea to only sell edited cds.