questionswhere can i find a decent, small 2.1 pc speaker…


I just looked at my local Craigslist site and found 2 dozen listings for computer speakers at $20 or less. You might also check out garage sales or talk to your friends. Lots of people (myself included) have boxed up speakers from retired computer systems.


If you want new and live near a MicroCenter store, you might try the Inland 2.1 Gaming Speaker System, $15.99 ( or the GearHead SP3500ACB 2.1 "Studio Speaker System", $19.99 (

I've had good luck with Inland stuff before; it's cheap but not so cheaply-made as you'd expect. The GearHead (probably available other places) has a lifetime warranty. They're both quite small (3" woofer and a little more than 10 watts), so don't expect to get realistic explosions, but if you're not looking to bother your neighbors, they might do you.