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I've bought batteries at Lowes and Home Depot. I typically get 2 or 3 seasons out of one of their batteries and I don't have a trickle charger. I used to buy Die Hard batteries at Sears but in 3 years I had to buy 3 batteries, despite them costing a lot more than the Lowes and Home Depot batteries.


If you've found the battery at Lowe's, then that's where you should get it. I wouldn't bother with a trickle charger, myself. My riding mower just got a new battery this year, and the mower lasted me for four seasons before it needed one. Last season, the battery was disconnected, and stabilizer was added to the small amount of gas still in the tank. This year I went back to having the place I bought it pick it up, store it over the winter, and service it (which is what I have otherwise done). Some things are just worth the money.

Buy your battery at Lowe's (or Home Depot) and you'll be fine. Count me as a second vote against buying the battery from Sears.


lowes gave me help when I went there, so they got my business. home depot sucked, could not find anyone to help me.


i just went 2 a Napa auto and got one with a warranty at a much less $ then a big box store !!!


you should honestly be able to get that anywhere that sells car batteries. walmart, autozone, joe's hardware & autoparts,(totally made that last one up, but you get the idea.) over on a couple different auto forums I'm on, the most recommended vehicle batteries for price, selection, service, and quality, are from Costco. i forget if it's a house brand, but they're made by Johnson Controls, same as interstate, Duralast, some of the diehards, etc.
if you can find who actually makes a stores batteries, the 2 best seem to be Johnson Controls, and East Penn/Deka.
all that being said, last time dad's riding mower needed a battery, we went to Tractor Supply(close by, knew they would have the R, or, reversed Terminal model we needed)
if the old battery is as discharged as it seems (have to jumpstart each time) no charger will help it. it needs replacement. all the trickle charger will really do for you is keep the batt. topped off in the off season.


Autozone, Walmart, many places carry them. Shouldn't be to hard to find one (almost) anywhere.


Batteries Plus around me has got all kind of small engine (including motorcycle) batteries. They will also recycle the old one. Also bonus tip: they also have replacements for the battery backup in the alarm in your house.

Also, you shouldn't need the trickle charger. If you aren't going to be using the mower (winterization) you should disconnect the battery and bring it inside.


I got mine at walmart, I paid about $35. I've had it about a year. The quailty seems fine.


I just got one at Auto Zone last week for $19.99. You can't beat the price.

Over the past few years, I've bought at Lowe's and Wal-Mart -- all of the batteries I've bought there had to be replaced the following years. I figured changing to a different venue might be helpful and since it was just that much cheaper, how could I go wrong?


Update: I ended up purchasing my battery from the local Batteries Plus (now Batteries Plus Bulbs). They had a $10 rebate which made the battery $19.99 instead of the $34 Lowe's was going to charge.


Do you have Mill's Fleet Farm where you are, if not perhaps try a building supply store (Menards, Home Depot). Before trying Lowe's I'd try Batteries Plus, Lowe's has annoyed me with marginal selections and full retail prices.