questionsis there a problem with the deals.woot's…


i'm guessing you haven't signed the "i'm giving my soul and all my money to woot" contract.


Yes!!! I am middle awesome, last time I checked with my teen child I was running on empty awesomeness. Because he is the center of the universe he must be right, right?


Well, it's doing something strange today. I just dropped to 1 Woot (but still a black triangle). I wonder if that means Woot is going to refund all of my money for the dozens of others Woots I bought.


Deals.woot scoring system seems to be based on a "Less is More" system and scale, which I find perplexing. I quit posting for the better part of the month of January, and maintained a black triangle throughout the entire month...

In December, I posted non-stop, voted, was extremely active, and spent hours on end here up voting, down voting, commenting, adding deals, etc, and could not break a 92 score... It wasn't until I quit posting that suddenly I hit 97. then, it took about a month for me to slowly slide back down to my current purple triangle status.

Why Woot would punish people for being active in their online community really perplexes the ---- out of me, but they do. I realize theres a ratio of quality vs quantity, but lets face it, when quantity = zero, and score = rising, then there's something completely flawed in the equation.


@waltertangofoxtrot: maybe others were just upvoting you while you were away.


Feel the force, @woothulhu. The awesomeness is strong in the green triangles. Leave the dark side of the black triangles and join us.


@moosezilla: If I haven't posted anything in a month, its hard to get it upvoted... :) Also, most of what I post usually isn't more than drivel.

@barnabee: I'll never join you... you killed my FATHER!!!


@waltertangofoxtrot: Yep. You hit it on the head with quality vs quantity. You can shoot yourself in the foot (in terms of deals.woot rep) if you post/comment too much. If I post one comment in the month of March and 10 people up-vote it, 100% of my comments in that month were good. If you post 10 comments in March and only one of them is up-voted, the percentage of your posts that other people like is only 10%. 1 good post is better than 1 good post + 9 bad ones. They encourage and reward participation on the site, but only stuff other users also like by up-voting it. This ensures spammers and trolls don't get good reps just by annoying everyone else.
The same goes for deals that you up-vote. The whole system is based on your actions being match by the actions of other users later. Other users must up-vote the same things as you did for your input to be worth anything in the eyes of the woot gods.


I think the awesomeness meter is a measure of how your overall rep is trending. It seems that when my rep is trending up, the needle is pegged or close to it but when my rep is trending down the needle is in the middle.


@bsmith1: This becomes problematic, because when I downvote bad deals, and spam deals, it means they'll never make it to the front page, meaning that by doing my due diligence to help weed out the crappy deals, I am effectively shooting myself in the foot, hence the reason I don't bother hanging out here much anymore. Why burn through so many hours trying to help this site get better, if they're going to snub me for doing what needs to be done?


@waltertangofoxtrot: i had a couple other wooters link to older questions to help me figure out stuff. and i thought at the time "wow. thats a great idea. wish i could upvote it."


Sorry about that; in the future I'll try to tone it down and not be quite so awesome. I'll be hard though.

[ed] You know what I love about this place? I can make bad jokes and not only are they tolerated, but sometimes even appreciated :)


Perhaps off topic, if so please forgive me. I just dropped from #15 to #47 in about an hour. Have been in the top 15 for a long time. ROFLMAO I must have really ticked someone off. Certainly don't believe that all those people in between suddenly enhanced their own rep.

Guess I'm done now. Beyond absurdity.


I have my own meters for people here, and I suspect that the Awesome meter seldom jibes with what the Leaderboard reports about the same person. For example, I have no idea what the meter reads for @thefenst, but I've seen him step in and help every single time anyone has ever hollered for help (if it was something he could help with), and that's pretty awesome in my book.

There are some people who are just unfailingly kind and helpful. Some are on staff, many are not. There are some people who can be depended on for goofy comments, and I love to laugh, so those people are awesome too.

I look at the leaderboard often, because I like to see if someone's managed to beat @brutherford to a Moofi deal (it happens), and right now I see that the magic filter that filters out staff from the leaderboard isn't working, because @thefenst is the top Deal Hunter (which is as it should be).

I love the trends panel. It also gets my vote for Awesome. Totally.


Woot seems to know better than most how awesome people are, I think their meter is pretty accurate.


@shrdlu: Where do I click to see your meters? I need constant feedback on my worth.


@drchops: you got some awesome on my shoe, be careful next time.


@gmwhit: I dropped from #3 (I think, maybe 4 or 5?) to like #50. I win :)


i think the woot may have its good measurement way to caculate reputation and it is more accurate than before!


I know I will get a lot of negatives for this but I have a hard time understanding why people place so much value on the color of their triangle? Really, though I can get your point to a certain extent, you want the recognition. But think of it like this, you are helping the community by posting deals, commenting, and voting not because your triangle is black or because you are in the top 10. I spend a lot of time here, but I don't post deals. If I were to come across a good deal that was not already posted I would, it just doesn't happen for me. So I upvote and comment. Woot keeps good company and there are great deals. Quite frankly that is enough for me to come here every day, triangle or no triangle.

I just LOVE woot!

edit...who would have ever thought I would be 100% for top


@drchops: lol, I'm surprised nobody noticed that typo:
"... I'll be hard though."

Meant "IT'll be hard" :)


Well I'm thinking you're pretty awesome, judging by the 54 woots you've got on your question, everyone else thinks your the "bee knees" as well. :D


I thought the awesomeness meter was just an indication of your recent trend in reputation. Rep going up = more awesomeness. Rep going down = less.


My awesomness meter is pegged and I've been at 44% for months. It can't have anything to do with trending.


@shrdlu: I too am interested in the Shrdlu Deals.woot monitoring system.. Mostly to feed my need for understanding how a system works....

Most of the leader board gauges are on a suspected 48 hour delay, that may or may not be the case with the Awesomeness gauge.... It seems to have a will of it's own...