questionsdo you like to know if/when someone buys a deal…


I think it'd be a neat feature if they added an "I bought this" button people can click. Kinda a super-upvote.


I like the "I bought this", I don't want to be notified... I get enough emails to begin with!


But I don't want others to know what I buy...


@nekojan: It wouldn't have to be shown in the who-did-what breakdowns I suppose.


It would be nice to know in theory, but there would be no practical way.

@psaux: I wish I could still believe in the honor system (for the most part I can, it is just the new users who signed up today may make it null. Not to mention that you do not need to belong to woot to buy something because of deals.)


I'd like to think that I'm helping people find good deals on things, but I'm OK if they don't take the time to come back and tell me.

I think a good question might be, "What deals have you taken advantage of lately, and who posted them?"


I just let the votes decide for my deals.