questionsare you a premium modern warfare 3 (mw3) eliteā€¦


yes on Xbox. I only got it because my son and I both play often (together or with others) and would likely be buying the map packs anyway. I don't really use any of the other features.

I also got it because my son wanted the hardened edition and the elite definitely justified the price.


@wnyx585am: Same but on PS3. I paid for mine by opening a PlayStation Credit Card.


I also have it on the xbox. I am also a founder. I use it for many features but the only reason I got the paid version is for the 20 content pieces that are coming out this week.


For all those who on facebook I have set up a group for MW3 elite. Come join the group. I try to keep everyone up to date about the newest info on MW3


Yes, yes, PS3.

I have, as of yet, regretted every minute of having shelled out the extra dough for the Hardened Edition of ME3 (to get ELITE Premium) because:
-I still don't have access to any DLC, free or otherwise
-Clan Operations STILL don't yet exist

So, I spent an extra $40 so that I could receive no extra benefit for 3 months and counting.


@secretagentman02: For what I have been reading the PS3 will be getting all of the same content as Xbox just a month afterwords. February 28th will be when the first map packs get to you.


@segafanalways: I'm not too upset about Xbox getting maps earlier (I am a little, but that's a different issue); I am upset that ELITE has been a steaming pile of poop thus far.

As long as Activision has had to work on ELITE, they should have:
-Had the ELITE website running well at launch. As it was, it plain didn't work for a few weeks. Currently, it only sort of works most of the time.
-Had iOS/Android apps ready at launch. These just dropped recently and the Adroid one still sucks (why can't I see Riot Shield challenges?)
-Had Clan Operations ready MUCH sooner. They still are not ready after 3.5 months!