questionsam i getting laid off today?


In the exit interview, just tell them how you've been spending all your work hours on Woot!


That's a tough choice to make...guess it depends on if there is a possibility new employers will talk with them or you may return to work for them somewhere in the future?

If no to either question - enjoy the day.


Why don't you stay professional, since you may want their recommendation for a new job.


@jsoko was correct. Take the moral high ground. Don't grovel, it won't work. Don't be a smart ass either, it won't bother them at all, and will only make you feel better for a few seconds.

They probably don't want to be doing this, and you will need their reference if you plan on working in that field again.


Echo the above. My dad works for Good Year, he has been there 28+ years. About 6 years ago, they started laying people off. He was lucky enough to not be one to go. He was even given an option to take a severance package. After months and months of talks of them shutting down completely, and years of seeing people come and go, he is still working there and has now gotten full pension benefits.

At the time, he even went back to finish his high school degree because the unknown factor is scary and he wanted to be prepared.

You never know, and it is best not to burn any bridges in your career.


Sorry you're getting laid off - tough in today's economy. If the company offers a resume service or any classes to transition to a new job/field be sure to take them. It may help you in ways you're unaware of...such as networking. Go out as the class act that you really are. Best of luck!!


@jsoko: got the correct answer.
I am also sorry.

But hey this is woot I want to read wooty answers.

I will get started with a lame classic:
Stand up and shout pointing at them "Wait!?! You can not fire me I quit!"

Or is it wootie?


@caffeine_dude: Agreed, this was intended to be fun. Walk in Pauly Shore Chap style singing take this job and shove it!


You should do a "Fight Club" stunt and beat the crap out of yourself in the boss's office and breaking as many valuables as you can (as long as there isn't a camera or anyone else watching) and then when others finally arrive, beg for "no more".


Do not burn bridges, but do get answers to any questions that you have, is there a severance pkg, how long till insurance coverage runs out, can you get a letter of recommendation, are they offering any assistance services, who do you contact with questions, if you like the company ask if there are any open positions you can apply for. Re-Education services? Laying people off sucks, i have had to do it, and I have had it done to me. Apply for unemployment as soon as possible. Get the word out to friends(Facebook) that you need a job. Make use of all resources available to you, I know my church has a 6 week career development class that is free and the class is run by two recruiters and they really knew there stuff. Take a few days to decompress, It is a great time to go in a different career direction if that is what you want. Oh and if you can do some volunteer work, you can put it on a resume to avoid gaps in service.


don't be childish. Show up in your regular work clothes, and behave professionally. If you act like a childish moron, you will confirm to them that they made the right decision in letting you go.


@dw1771: I agree about not burning bridges, you never know who you might bump into in the future. The manager or HR person may also get laid off, and find another job. One day that person may interview you, or put in a good word.
Always leave a job with your own dignity intact, and be respectful.


Sorry about the job.
I agree with @jsoko to act professionally for the Exit Interview. Do not forget to ask for a written reference from immediate boss and bosses boss. Once that is done and you have the references in hand, do the following:

1. Clear all cache (History and saved) and passwords from pc. Make sure you set it to delete on exit from IE or Chrome. If you have Winutilities, set it up to shutdown every day at 9 am or 3 pm.
2. Download Wootalyzer and set it up to go off all the time and remember to turn the speakers all the way up.
3. Delete all personal and work related files from your pc. Do NOT forget to empty recycle bin.
4. Shut down and unplug pc and all electronics.
5. Remove all personal and work related stuff from you work area. Give the work related stuff to co-workers, and broken stuff to that annoying guy everyone hates.
6. Slide your chair up to your desk and use the tab to wedge it there.
7. When the day is done, file for unemployment and look for another job.


Thanks and no worries - I am just gonna go in and keep things Kosher. I wouldn't burn bridges unless I hated things and the fact I am mad my job is ending makes me think I liked it there, a little bit anyways. The Execs are the idiots. I wouldn't grief my boss, but she knows that I am kinda weird to begin with.

Gonna head on in and get some free money and vacation time.



Go home, turn the heater up to 80°. Throw on swim trunks. Grab blanket, beer, chips, salsa, etc... Enjoy your evening at the beach while you relax. Tomorrow the hard part starts. Job search sucks, but you were looking for a job when you found that one.

Good Luck


the one vindictive thing I might do in this situation is to use krazy glue on my desk drawers.

Then take a few photocopies of your a$$, and put the pages back into random places in the paper supply so unknowing users will print out their docs with the occasional random ass-pic.


Pull an Office Space and burn the building down :)


Not sure what type of industry your in, but in my career it's a small world. There's hundreds of different companies, but essentially everywhere you go you run into people you used to work with or people that knwo those you used to work with.

Don't burn any bridges.


@pyxientx: Now that's real advice from someone laid off. I don't know where you live but in IL that maximum unemployment is less than it costs to live here so keep in mind there's nothing shameful in honest work and you can always look for another job while you work some temporary job to make ends meet. Best of luck, I know from experience as well that layoffs blow but it is what it is.


On a lighter note: Just misread the title of this question. I left out "off" :-D

vote-for6vote-against had an article recently about how to conduct your exit interview. Check it out.


@gmwhit: I have to say that the first time I read the title, I did too.


Keep it professional and just blow off some steam here. Good idea to prepare for the worst and fantasize about all of the potential comedy exit scenarios now. From the other side of the desk, let me just add a few thoughts. I am the HR Director at an agency preparing to layoff 65% of our employees. In our case, it's not the economy or poor performance causing the RIF, it's politics. I will be the one to sit down with each employee to give the bad news and help them make plans. My heart is breaking. I know most of these folks personally and they don't deserve this. I'm sleeping about 3 hours a night. Everyone knows its coming. Employees keep telling me why they need to keep their jobs. They all have sad and heartbreaking stories. No one knows that I'm scheduled to be laid off, too, and I'm not ready to tell them.

Anyway, if the decision has been made, be prepared to go out with class. That's my plan. (Although I am seriously considering the Wootalyzer idea!)


@phizzo: Actually, I am employed at the moment (under employed, but employed nonetheless). I live in Texas, and while we have not been hit as hard as some places, we have had our share of layoffs. However, anyone who has been in the workforce for any length of time knows they (layoffs) can and do happen. In order to keep your head up and remember it isn't the end of the world, just maybe the end of a lifestyle for a while, the best thing to do is take the night off from worry, then hit the pavement tomorrow with a plan. Unemployment never pays enough, but then it isn't supposed to. It is meant to help with job search, not 99 weeks of living the high life. I have been fortunate in that I have only had to draw unemployment once for about 6 weeks, years ago in a good economy. But, I have a tremendous amount of marketable skills and not afraid of hard work. I also believe that standing on my own 2 feet, even if it is unsteady, is better than standing on someone elses feet.


@belyndag: I have been on your side, too. Sucks to be the bearer of the axe. Tell them, it will help them transition, and not take it so personally from you.


Given the time of day, you're probably already unemployed, and if you aren't yet- either way: sorry to hear about your job loss, hope you find a new one soon. Yes, it totally sucks.

I know a lot of people are like take the day/night/week off and then dive back in with job hunting but seriously, do whatever works for you.


@gmwhit: I'd be worried if someone had to ask that question.


sorry to hear about your job.

Who knows, maybe something better will come your way.


Be gracious in the exit interview, but crop-dust the office as you leave.


@pyxientx: I never did anything that mean. But I did take the desk calendar and write pithy comments on random future days for whoever got the desk after me.


@caffeine_dude: You quit? No continuation of benefits or unemployment for you!!! Company wins :}


I used to work as a hiring manager for a staffing agency, and I think the best "fuuuu I'm out of here" was when one of our employees (who was working at a factory) got on the announcement system and proceeded to tell everyone to kiss his ass and that he was tired of working for 9 bucks an hour. He proceeded to curse out the management and said f* this sh I'm out. Then he walked out, like a boss.


@linuxtrance: The first time I was laid off, I was called into the VP's office with my manager, and the head HR rep.

They proceeded to explain why people were being laid off, how the selection process was made, etc, and then asked if I had any questions or statements to make.

I just responded with, "15 people embezzled millions in bonuses from the company by cooking the books, and now 4000+ people are losing their jobs because of it. What exactly is it you expect me to say or ask?"

My manager had to leave the room because he was laughing too hard, the head HR person was pissed, and the VP just said, "You have a very good point, let me know if there's anything I can do to help your job search."

In the end I got a better job, more pay, and a better work environment out of it. Now let's hope this all stays true in a few month when my next layoff happens.


I got laid off yesterday. I had a meeting with some friends and was asked what the high point of my week was... I said: "Yesterday was probably the low point of my week, I got laid off. The high point of my week was probably yesterday when I got laid off." I'm ready for new things. Viva la difference! :D


I'm sorry you're [possibly?] getting laid off. I was laid off in 2008 and I was out of FT work for a loooooooooooong time. I hope you aren't out as long as I was. On a lighter note, I have a GREAT job now because I kept trying no matter how many applications/resumes/cover letters went completely unacknowledged.

Sorry, the point was that I was out of work for a long time but there was light at the end of the tunnel. I hope things work out as good for you as they did for me-only faster. ;o)


No worries.

I got laid off 2 years ago. I stressed out for the first 6 months. But looking backl on it, it was the best year ever!

Seriously. I got to spend time with my 2 kids under the age of 4 and found a great job that I love.

I'm positive you'll do the same!

It's not too hard to get by.

Not being a smarta$$, but we were shocked at how much you save by not having to gas up for the drive to work, buy lunch, and eat out once a week.

Better things are ahead!

PS: apply for as many jobs as possible before the start of each Quarter, when there is funding for them. And if you're out long, apply for as many jobs as possible in December, because most companies hire A LOT in January.

Good luck!


Use your recommendation to get hired by the competitor and then help them take over the world.


Just to update - I was indeed workforce reduced as they call it. Luckily they give you 60 days. So you get paid, you get benefits, you don't work, you basically are getting a two month vacation and at the end they keep continuing it without pay. If you sign their agreement you get an additional two weeks.

Not bad, but it is really in their favor to do this. It allows me time to find a job without them having to pay out a full severance package. Either way it is cool.

Luckily it was just my boss and myself and her explaining that it was not meant to go down this way and it basically came down to executives not knowing their head form their asshole.

So now I am going to spend the next two months looking for work and enjoying some time off.


@jwildman16: Too many competitors. I "worked" at a fortune 10 company.


@houndlax: Thanks for the encouragement. I have a youngin and we will save 1600 a month in day care by me spending time with him.

I know things are gonna be better indeed.


@klozitshoper: I know it was a woot answer and a lame first attempt.

Attempt 2:

I have been practicing getting the keys to spell anything out but I am running out of volunteers to hit. Strange...


@agent019: Good luck on your job search and enjoy your time with your kid.