questionshave you ever been catfished?


There's a documentary about this which resulted in a TV show. I'd recommend checking out the film; titled Catfish. It's a very surreal experience as even the viewer questions the authenticity of the documentary itself.

I haven't been catfished myself, as I keep online friends separate from my rl friends. I have some that I call on the phone, but that's the extent of our relationship. It makes me wary of ever pursuing a romantic relationship with someone online, however.


I'm a catfish if that includes creating a fake facebook account just to like various companies for coupons or freebies.

I haven't been catfished because I only accept friend requests from people I know personally.


Never happened here, due to me not being "social".


I have no online presence outside of woot and other wine-related sites. So, unless I meet @lavikinga at a wine.woot gathering and she's nothing like her picture, I'm safe.


@kylemittskus: I am taller than my picture. @shrdlu and @magic cave: can vouch for me. I'm taller them both as well. :) I've only been to one wine.woot gathering over here on the east coast and that was years ago.

edit: I am having a major mind melt and can't for the life of me remember how to get @magic cave's screen name to work with the space. Sorry about that, my friend.


@lavikinga: For your reference (and to call her attention to this question), you invoke accounts that have spaces by using double quotes. It isn't your fault that you don't remember, since they've changed the mechanism twice (for a while it was some complicated goofy thing with square brackets and human sacrifices).

In other words, @magic cave will see this comment in her email and know that you'd meant to have her see your comment. Yep, it's that simple. Just remember to put the double quotes on the outside of the at sign (@).

double quote at sign namewithspace close quote, and you're done.

[Edit] To comment on the question (which I'd ignored before), I watched ten minutes of the movie when it first showed up on, and realized I was yelling at the television because I thought the protagonist was an idiot. This is the first time I'd heard "catfish" used as a descriptive term, but since catfish are bottom feeders, I suppose it's fitting.


@shrdlu: I knew it was something painfully simple! Thank you


@lavikinga: and @shrdlu : And it worked!

I am here to confirm that @lavikinga is indeed taller than her picture. She's taller than my spouse and taller than the doorway of the charming little bistro in which we met.

(Some sort of pastry shop that sells gazillions of round pastries with holes in their middles and drizzled in chocolate, sprinkles, and other delectables. Some have no center holes but are instead filled with the most delicious of cremes and jellies. The owner's name is Duncan something....)

Oh, where was I? Ah, yes. She is blonde and tall and glorious. Passers-by stopped to gaze at her splendor, and her sunny smile stopped the rain as we walked out of the shop. Her photo does her justice only as the word "hilly" describes the Alps. Wootizens would know her in an instant; others merely want to know her.

:::stage whisper::: How'd I do on that?


@shrdlu: If I'd known how tricky it would be to get my attention, I'd have placed an underscore between the halves of my name and made life easier for all of us. Even I didn't know how to make it work until you explained it.


@magic cave: Expect four dozen of Duncan's finest to be delivered to where ever you desire. Mmmmm. Doughnuts.


@lavikinga: I thank you for the kind offer, but my internist would have a hissy fit if I indulged like that. And I would totally indulge; as my mother used to say, I can stand fast against anything except temptation!

On the other hand, I found a new taste treat last week: after years of driving past it twice daily, we finally got into Ramirez's for dinner ;;;swoon:::


@magic cave: Masitas de Puerco! When they don't over cook them, they are my favorite thing on the menu. The tostones are hit or miss. I'm pretty sure they don't make their own from scratch which is a shame since they're pretty easy to make. Himself almost always goes for the Bistec Empanezada. (I've never been able to duplicate the thinness of the beef when I've tried to make it at home) Of course, He's a sucker for Chicken Fried Steak just about any where.

If you liked Ramirez (the owner is such a nice man), you guys should try Puerto Plata. The staff is a bit rusty on their English, but the Caribbean food is pretty straight forward with entrees from most of the Spanish speaking islands.

It's been a few years since I've gone out for traditional Cuban food. In fact, the last time I had it was at La Carreta on 8th Street in Miami over a year ago. My tall Nordic self stuck out like a huge target, but the food was worth the "pipper burns."


@lavikinga: The best way to get ultra thin slices (without a mandolin or similar) is to partially freeze the meat (not rock solid, but very stiff). That way it doesn't deflect on you when slicing and you can get so thin they are translucent if you really want.

j5 j5

@j5: @lavikinga: @magic cave:
Are we still talking about Catfish?
BTW... You all are making me hungry talking about all this good food!!
Us Po'Boys in KY don't have access to such good eats. But we do have catfish!