questionsbest in ear headphones for under $100?


To be very honest, the pair of Razer earbuds that I got from Woot a few years back have been impossible to beat for overall sound quality. I would recommend AKG (a Harmon-Kardon brand) K-Series, I have had opportunity to "test drive" some recently and was pleased with their performance.


Skullcandy FMJ's Orange ones to be exact :)


Please note that Skullcandy, Beats and Bose are probably the worse brands you can buy in terms of quality for price.


@holymythos: holy bejesus that is helpful...thank you!


HifiMAN RE-0. The sound of the product compares with headphones in the $200+ range for $79. If you can still find a pair of RE-2 around they compare will $100-150 headphones that were being sold at clearance for $29 however are very hard to find now. The RE-0 can be purchased at and are also sold on 3rd party thru Amazon if you would rather use their checkout. HifiMAN is the "house brand" for Head-Direct and fully covered by warranty when sold by them (thru their website or purchased from them on Amazon) while some other retailers are not so if you order from elsewhere look into that.

Detailed information on the RE-0's can be found here: as well as plenty of other reviews/info on a ton of other headphones. If you do go with the HifiMAN headphone please be aware they have a "break in period" to reach maximum sound or 25-50 hours. Many burn-in using white noise.


Get some in ear monitors. It's only triple your price range. I love being helpful.

249 plus shipping plus ear molds!