questionshow do you give lingerie as a gift and not comeā€¦


If you're worried about it coming across as creepy chances are it'll be creepy because you're not comfortable enough with her.


Take it from me, if you're not sure that lingerie is welcome, or a desired gift, there's no way you can win in this situation. It may appear as though you are giving a gift to yourself, rather than to her, for example. I'd suggest going to plan B, whatever plan B is.


Don't give it to family members. That is creepy and awkward. Also, know your audience. If your significant other is not into frilly or whatever, I would abstain.

Edit: also, if you go forward with it, make sure you get the right size.
Too small: bad
Too big: worse


Gift card or PJ of the month subscription.


Just ask your mom if she thinks your dad d like it.


I think the gift card idea is better. That way she can pick out what makes her feel sexy - trust me, that's what you'd rather have.


To keep it from being too creepy, make sure you give it to a significant other, not some girl you're admiring from afar. That whole stalker vibe really throws the ladies off.


to avoid creepiness, make sure the woman has met you IN PERSON at least once or twice.

Oh, and make sure that if you are male, you only give lingerie to females. Apparently it's "frowned upon" to give lingerie to other guys at work.

Finally, crotchless panties are not appropriate for a first date OR a double date.


@kamikazeken: Ha!

Agree with the gift card. Try and figure out if she's more of a Frederick's or Victoria's girl.


Giving lingerie to your server at the Olive Garden that you've never met before? Creepy.



Giving lingerie is pretty much giving a gift to yourself. Women wear that stuff for their menfolk, left to their own devices most would sleep in flannel PJs or an old T-Shirt. So if you are committed to giving lingerie, don't make that your only gift, or you're not really giving her a gift at all. I also concur with the gift certificate. I normally hate the things, but in this case I think it's the safest way to let her find something she likes and is comfortable with.


Go shopping with her to buy the lingerie.
If you feel uncomfortable with that idea then it's probably not a good idea to buy her lingerie.



@moondrake: In some cases, sure. Many women really enjoy the power, though.


When you find it is appropriate to give lingerie to a woman, do it in private please.
I just threw a bridal shower and even though he wasn't there, the groom gave the bride a gift, of PJ's and lingerie. Now when it's a bunch of girls trying to embarrass her, it's one thing, but his gift seemed totally inappropriate. (It didn't help that the lingerie was not her style in the slightest. He did not know what he was doing.)


I agree the gift card, this idea is better. You will choose more: