questionsanyone know where to get green coffee beans…


A lot of people around here (9a) grow them for wildlife, apparently humans aren't the only ones attracted to a little extra kick to get them going. I have been thinking of doing so, as well. You might check out whether they grow in your zone, and then check nurseries. Just curious what you are planning to do with them? Besides the obvious, of course.


Are you looking for a source for yourself (retail) or for your stores (wholesale)?

That would make a significant difference in how folks answer you.


@pickypickypicky: I was looking into branching out into the roasting business as a side thing, I think it could be a lot of fun and hey if I see some profit out of it then that would be awesome! It hadn't occurred to me to be more specific thanks for that. :)


Just a sidebar, do you think people would be willing to buy coffee online?


Sweet Maria's.

As for whether folks will buy online, it'll be a matter of how you market yourself. The draw of roasting green coffee beans yourself is so the coffee can be consumed fresh, not days (or weeks) from now.


@mazonstores: I have purchased coffee online, but it's rare. I want the roasting date to be within a day or two of when it's shipped (see Peet's rules about when they'll mail out coffee for an example). If you're an inexperienced roaster, it's unlikely that you'll do well. You should practice for AT LEAST a year, and get people to try your efforts that will be honest in their evaluations.

I'm very picky about coffee. I don't roast my own, but I've had plenty of friends who did. Try the popcorn popper method first (that way you don't do any serious investing before you've decided whether or not it's a good fit for you).

It's a tough business. Most people who try to become boutique roasters discover that the big guys have them for lunch. There's a lot to learn before trying this, including how to spot counterfeit beans, what kinds of roasts are appropriate for what varietals... The list is truly endless.


Here are 2 sites that a coworker of mine uses and recommends:

and for larger bags (5-50 lbs):

I have been meaning to try this out myself but haven't decided on a roaster or just roasting in a pan.