questionsis there a way to get my jumbowoot coupon code…


I may be wrong, but I believe everyone gets the same codes each time around, and it's just a matter of whether your account is flagged as having that code functioning. As such, it's quite likely someone else could give you the right code if you can pin down the date (I'm not good about tracking the waves of JW coupons).

Course, a coupon management feature in the account tools would be damn nice too.


Perhaps someone would share the $5 code from a few days ago? I"ll give it a shot.


@carl669: Thank you! It worked and I'm now the proud owner of another expensive knife. (at least it was cheap)


I really wish there was a way to have a list that appears when you click on "My Account" of which coupon codes you were given. Could be used as bragging rights but mostly just as a simple reminder.