questionsmy $30 belt broke after 3 weeks. should i expect…


there is an implied warrenty of merchandability(sp). it must be useable for a reasonable amount of time for the reason of purchase. they might just give store credit, but i asssume you would just want one that works, so it shouldn't hurt to try.


You might be able to convince them to give you store credit, but I doubt they will give a refund (cash).

Most stores disclaim implied warranties (fit for purpose, merchantability, etc), so they might not since it has been 3 weeks. However, I do not know Kohl's return policy.


I think I have the same belt. Solid, dark, kinda "smoke" colored buckle? You must have just gotten a bad one, I've had mine for at least 6 months.

It's Kohl's...they'll probably give you a store credit. I'd just get another of the same belt. Then again, after having one break, you may not have the confidence in this belt that I do.

Hope it works out.


Kohl's has an excellent return policy. You can return it with or without the receipt, but it helps to have the receipt. I say return it or at least exchange it for a similar one.


Our experience with Kohl's returns has been excellent. With or without receipt, no rebate hassle and no embarrassing or unfounded accusations.


I'd ask for a replacement belt. If that one breaks too, I'd ask for my money back.

If you have never worked a factory line before, even good inspectors miss things.


I would return it, because it seems to me that any non-perishable item should have at least a 30 day warranty included.


kohls makes a point of customer satisfaction and easy returns. I'm pretty sure they'd be happy to take it back. They've been one of the easiest place to make returns in my experience.


Of all the brick and mortar/online stores I have ordered from, Kohls has been the best.
I am sure they will correct your issue.


Kohl's has been boasting about their return policy the past few years, so I'd think that you shouldn't have a problem. Here is a link to their return policy on their Customer Service site:
According to that site, you are looking at these likely possibilities:
Without a receipt you'll receive:
•An even exchange
•A Kohl's Merchandise Credit for the return value of the item
•A credit to your Kohl's Charge if your items were purchased on your Kohl's Charge
•A corporate-issued refund
On a personal note, I have a few reversible belts from Kohl's and haven't had one fail yet, so an even exchange would probably be worth a try; maybe you just got a bad belt as others have suggested.


Take it back. They would likely have a 30 or 90 day return policy, either of which you're still good under.

Clothing can be difficult, as "wear and tear" doesn't fall under the policy, but I think you can argue that the buckle snapping off after 5 days is more of a manufacturer's defect than "wear and tear" without much difficulty.


Take it back for sure. It's Kohls -- they take anything back!
Agree with previous posters that it'll probably be in-store credit.
And I also think that if you like it, try another...could have just been a fluke thing.


I bought 2 men reversible belts from the Clairemont store in San Diego in July and one split apart after only wearing it a few times. I didn't have the receipt and since they couldn't locate the exact belt in their inventory the sales associate basically said I was a liar and that they never sold their belts buy 1 get one free. I was very angry and am sad to say that I won't be going back to that store again, all over a sales-priced belt. I didn't even expect a refund or exchange since I didn't have a receipt but I did expect to be treated courteously. I would've rather just had them tell me no in the first place instead of having 3 people try to convince me that I didn't purchase the belt from them.