questionsdid anyone else order abyss watch from dillyeo…


Anyone else out there have problems with Please post.

Based on that thread and my experiences, I'd have to warn people to stay away from They take your money from paypal very quickly but don't reply to email at all, apparently.


File a complaint with PayPal. They will yank your money back if the problem is not resolved quickly.


@nortonsark: Exactly. I had a very similar problem with It took a Paypal dispute to get any comment from them at all. I did eventually get the product, but it took them a few weeks to ship it out.


Yes I ordered one.
One month later I sent them an email asking where it might be AND opened a complaint with paypal.

Second day inquired through their web site.
Third day I sent another email.

All three were ignored.

Use the PayPal Resolution Center and start a claim.

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I started a dispute with Paypal, I will escalate to a claim if I don't hear from them by the 14th.


Dillyeo contacted me and blamed everything on Paypal.

If I had to guess I'd say their policy is to not ship anything in the hopes that the customer will forget and not hassle them for their items. It's a business strategy, because it doesn't have to work very often for them to make a profit.

However, in the internet age, the hope is word will spread and it will actually cost them money to do business this way.

They can apologize all they want to me, unfortunately the fact is they collected my money from Paypal immediately so there was no issue in communication between them. And if there was they had my contact information the whole time and never contacted me to indicate a problem. They even ignored my attempts to contact them until I raised the issue here or disputed the payment with paypal.

So they're either actively trying to scam people, or they're incompetent at their business. Either way it looks like they are not a company you want to do business with.


@dugglebogey: At least you heard from them. I've contacted @dillyeo on here and also by email and get no response. I'll be filing a dispute with my credit card company tomorrow.


@ohcheri: Please give us call we want to help you 312.929.2633


@dillyeo: You can help me by shipping my order or refunding my payment. Or by replying to any of my numerous emails. I have wasted enough of my time on this already.


@dillyeo: 100031374 I will no longer respond to this issue via this forum. I have sent several emails to you so you definitely know how to reach me.


@dillyeo : I've added lot more info to:

including your personal email to try to get resolution here.

Also another thread about @Dillyeo

I'm still pretty ticked they say they've sent it, sent me non-working delivery confirmation numbers. Worst experience I've had online to date and I order quite a bit online. I don't expect everyone to meet woots standards but this seems to be a trend with dilleyo.


Just to update, they gave me a delivery confirmation number a week ago that finally registered at the USPS website with the following message:

"The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on June 16, 2011 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date."

So I ordered on May 4th, emailed them about it, they finally replied when I posted here, they gave me a "delivery confirmation" and a week later it actually registers with the shipper saying it may or may not have been shipped yet.

This was on an order placed May 4th with 3 day shipping. It's June 17th and it may or may not have been shipped yet.

Yeah, I'm going to stick with my recommendation to stay away from


I got my watch today.

Total crap. Supposed to be "touch screen?" Try "must crush screen." It shattered when I tried to set it.

Total junk. The whole experience was a waste of time and money.

I'm glad it's over.


PayPal sides with the predator, selling a knock off (counterfeit) Abyss.

PayPal offered only 50% protection in my case.
They would refund the money ONLY if I paid return postage and provided proof of receipt.

Bottom line, if you see something on Dillyeo, Google is your friend.
Look for the item somewhere else.
You will save time, and more often than not money.
Keep your blood pressure low, and learn from my $17 mistake.

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