questionshas anyone tried teeth whitening pens?


Didn't even know this existed.

I feel like unless you have a problematic tooth/ mouth set up, such as if your teeth are crooked in such a way that whitening trays don't get that particular tooth, a whitening pen is useless. If you've got relatively normal dentistry, this probably wont give you any benefit you wouldn't get from trays.

Trays would probably be a lot easier too.


@thedogma: These are 1.99 and trays seem to be way more expensive. As a deal lover I was thinking I might get more bang for the buck with these.


@tmontgom: I guess that would depend on how many pens you need to get the same effect.

I go with the off-brand (Target) trays when I need them. They're considerably less expensive than brand name and work just as well. I think they range from 15 to 25 bucks for a one or two week regiment? Target wont tell me the price online. But it works and is fairly priced for how often I need them (once or twice a year).

Even if the pens are a bit cheaper, I feel like I'd still like the trays...requires considerably less coordination haha

EDIT: reading the reviews, they're good for between the teeth. Didn't even think of that. A combination could be a good bet.


@thedogma: Thanks a combination of the 2 does sound like a good plan