questionswhat is the most gluttonous activity you haveā€¦


Know that saying "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse?" Well I was, and I did. Hooves, fur and all.


When I was younger, I would make cookie dough and not bother baking it. I'd just eat the batter out of the bowl. I would make a half-batch and usually eat it in one sitting. That was one whole stick of butter, not to mention a bunch of other very unhealthy things (I would omit the egg since I think that is more so it bakes properly).

I too have eaten a small jar of peanut butter but somehow, I think the homemade raw cookie dough is worse.

More recently, I have eaten an entire 16" pizza in one sitting. But, that was all I ate for that day.


I used to get a tube of cookie dough and a bottle of Mayfield egg nog when I worked at my local grocery store.


There's a fantastic Chinese buffet here that I tend to overeat at, it's the only buffet that I leave from groaning. They have like 800 different dishes; poached salmon, sweet pan fried plantains, pot stickers, a huge assortment of sushi and sushimi, shu mei, Mongolian barbecue, lots of shrimp and shellfish dishes. And these wonderful yeast rolls filled with sweetened cream cheese and Laii Wong Bao (steamed custard buns). Even taking a small sample of each thing I like I end up stuffed to the gills for $6.99. In the old days, an open bag of Lays was an empty bag, but nowadays that's Quakes so that's not so bad. I love sweets, but they tend to make me feel sick so I never over-consume them.


Disneyland, Feb 29th, had already been in the park for 11 hours and had 13 hours to go and I was at the Big Thunder BBQ (all you care to enjoy). I was eating BBQ chicken and ribs and cornbread for what seemed like forever. We didn't have to eat the rest of the time in the park (we did have lots of drinks).


Three bags of cool ranch Doritos and 3 liters of dr. Pepper in one evening. I couldn't get them in Germany, so when I came back for a conference, I loaded up. I don't think my stomach has ever forgiven me.


@benyust2: I wish I could say that that much pizza was unusual for me to eat in a sitting, but alas, that's a normal occurrence. :/ I don't know whether to be proud or sad.


At Valentino's Sunday Brunch

23 slices of buffet pizza (read: smaller than normal sized pieces)
3 portions of hashbrowns
5 breadsticks
? bacon
6 muffins
Countless numbers of refills on my Diet Coke

When I worked at Little Caesars my manager liked me so she would give me a free pizza every day I worked. So I would have a large pizza and a 2 liter of soda for supper.


Do not attempt the Harold and Kumar go to White Castle meal.....the way they opened the second movie is pretty accurate.


@raider9924: I get to eat at White Castle for one week a year. I will admit that I do tend to pig out when eating there. I have never had White Castle's Revenge but then I haven't tried to eat 30 burgers at once. I might give it a try this year


@niloc225: Me and a buddy of mine would try to split crave cases in High School after wrestling meets. I can only eat like 6 before I can't stand the taste. My friend had trouble making weight and would eat like 24.