questionswhat makes a popular deal?


What happens is that it gets those votes, goes to the Popular tab, and then gets the downvotes. Somewhere there's a deal for broccoli that ended up deeply in the negative range. It finally ended up back on the plus side, but just barely.

That deal was a good time.


@shrdlu: I've seen what you described before, but I happened to refresh the popular tab right when it popped up with 1 vote. It just seemed weird...


Boobs and deals.woot hivemind support.


@shrdlu: LOL! Thanks for reposting that. I had been looking for a deal on dehydrated broccoli!

Seriously, the new algorithm isn't working for me. I have seen great deals that didn't reach the front page until a couple of days AFTER they expire. Huh? If you don't dig deeply enough into the back pages you can miss some good stuff. I can't figure out what they're doing now, but I'm getting a bit tired of receiving comments from folks complaining about deals that aren't working because they expired a day or two ago and were just bumped up far enough to be seen by the casual Wootizen.

Now let me go dig out that recipe to make a tanker full of cream of broccoli soup.


You've posed a good question. I've definitely wondered the same thing myself. Although, I haven't seen a popular deal with 1 vote. I have seen some that didn't quite make sense.


@belyndag (and @okham): Here's some more information. A little light reading, if you will.

That question has more links within the first answer, giving further information on when and where and why and how...

[Edit] Wow. 2010 on that link (but the answers in those links are still correct).


@shrdlu: note that apparently the free tag is no longer a "popular" killer. And thanks for the reading material :)


We use an interquantile range algorithm to determine the outliers.

Votes are the most important metric, but clicks, views, how popular the linked site is on the internet, activity on other deals, and other bonuses and penalties are all used to calculate popularity.

It looks like this one got few votes but lots and lots of clicks and views which probably means that it had good SEO and a lot of non-voters are finding it and clicking on it. This made the deal an outlier even though it had very few votes.