questionshave you ever gone to the maker faire?


No, but I've heard they are awesome. I love 3D printers! They're really cool and the things people do with them are amazing.

What's on your DIY list?


@inkycatz: I made some tables some years back and routered down the top and inset beer caps and poured an epoxy finish over the top to level it off. They turned out great, and I've been thinking of way to do coasters with beer caps inlaid into them, but making a mold has been my issue. I'm thinking the 3D printer would be a good start at making the mold.

I'm also looking at finishing my basement and am looking around at some of the LED lighting strips and controllers to figure out a way to maybe light the basement with them, but at very least light some built in display cases for sports memorabilia and things I've been planning.

My boys are a bit young, but I'd like to get them tinkering with some of the electronics and robotics stuff that's out there in a few years.

You have anything exciting in the works?


Alas no, right now I'm living vicariously. Although I have heard about this place and want to make some stuff from this book.


No, I've never been to a Maker Faire, even though I grew up going to the NY Hall of Science and had a family membership for years when my kids were younger. (We almost made it last year, but something else came up and since we didn't already have tickets, we decided not to go.)

This year, Daughter#2 and I already have tickets for both days. Daughter#1 has decided it is not worth an extra $60 and ~8 hours on a bus to come home from college for the Makerfaire so she will not be attending (unless she has to come home unexpectedly for some other reason).


Sounds like a lot of fun, but there aren't any close enough to me so far. :(


I have seen some really cool things made. If one turned up in the area, I'd be very tempted to go.