questionsdo you read the details of a question, or just…


I learned a long time ago to read the body of the question before posting my answer or voting, lots of times the titles of the questions can be deceiving!


I skim at least the first part of the question, but I usually read all of it. I even try to read all the comments, although if they are more than one screen in length and not very interesting I will jump down and make my own comment.


I read this one....just in case trickery was afoot.


@moondrake: I will do that to, both read the question and the comments. Many times I won't wind up commenting because enough other people have said what I was going to say.


do i read?!? what kind of a question is that?!? of course i read!

no1 no1

yep, thanks for asking the question about the wondering if we wanted to see more sansa'a back


I always read the details before responding. Sometimes I answer the title question instead of the detailed question because it's usually different and often more fun.


What are you talking about?
Always post first, read later. It makes the discussion much more random.


I always read the details, but only read the first few answers. Especially if the question already has 2-3 pages of responses. So yes, sometimes I end up repeating an answer that has already been said. But as for details, I read this one..... just in case tricky was afoot.