questionswhat should i do/see with an extra day in vegas?


If you were there on a football Sunday, I would say go to the Hilton sportsbook. I'd go down into old Las Vegas and check out the older casinos. Cool, and tables are a lot cheaper. Also, you can play any game you can think of for money at the old casinos (beer pong, war, etc.)


I suggested this on the last Vegas post listed above (some good stuff there), but on our last trip to Lost Wages we did one of the helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon. It was incredible! Of course, I live in south Louisiana where everything is pretty much flat and around sea level, and we have our own casinos, so the Canyon was a nice departure for us.


Fast Cars, Loose Women, and Liquor.


Are you going to Catalyst in April?

My team all want to go see Beatles Love. I think it's a Cirque du Soleil thing set to Beatles music. It's in the evening after our first day of conferences and I'm not too keen about relaxing after a long day of workshops/networking by hanging out with my coworkers.

I'm not a big Vegas person. I mainly just like lounging by the pool or gorging on buffets. The roller coaster at New York New York is fun.


Springs Preserve (It's an outdoor wetlands park)

I live in Las Vegas and the only time I go to "The Strip" is when friends come to town and make me go.

Oh forgot.. You can get 2-for-1 tickets for Penn&Teller if you sign up for the Rio's Players Club Card.


The Hoover Dam is cooler than you think it's going to be. There's also a new bridge that gives an incredible view of the area. It's about 30 minutes out from the end of the strip, and around 20 bucks for the tour.


What time of year are you going? Vegas is beastly hot in summer and danged cold in the winter. I haven't had the good fortune of being there when the temperatures were reasonable. The high point of our last trip to Vegas was Cirque de Soliel's Ka, but that's an evening thing you can probably do during the conference. If it is a large conference they may have arranged some discounts you may want to contact the event organizer and ask.