questionscan you help me find a gun safe?


So sorry, know nothing about gun safes. I'm sure that some of the gun crowd (not to be confused w/the in-crowd...though they probably are members) will be here soon to give excellent suggestions & recommendations.


@csunwold, while I know quite a bit about gun safes, there's a few details necessary to know, before I can answer. Before I say anything, I recommend against buying anything online. You have long guns, and you'd like to keep them.

Do you own your house, or have a VERY good relationship with the owner, where you are able to attach it to a cement floor?

How many guns are we talking, and what's the outside limit on dollars?

I also don't recall whether you're part of the SEA contingent, or DFW. Please enlighten me.

I also need the limit of what you are willing to spend. I own a Liberty myself, and while it has the room for a couple of long guns, I have only hand guns in it.


omg a woot employee just fessed up to owning guns? better polish your resume there, chief.


@pinchecat: he owns buckyballs too. Two strikes.


@pinchecat: It is based in Texas. Were you expecting them to be pacifists?


You can try the link below or you can do a Google search for rifle safes. Just like what shrdlu said, there are many questions as to what specifics you are looking for.

They have a good assortment of safes to choose from. I too own a couple of Liberty safes and they work well for my application.



I own two shotguns and two handguns. Upper limit on price is probably $400. I'm moving to a new condo and at this point I'm unsure about how likely I could permanently fix anything in there but its something I could inquire about.

For clarification I am a Seattle employee and do not own buckeyballs, I simply "borrow" my coworkers on a regular basis.


@csunwold: I'd suggest following @kamikazeken's advice, then, and buying the Liberty Centurion. Funny to see that all three actual gun safe owners have Liberty safes. They are indeed quality.

An actual safe is heavy and you don't want to be wrestling it up any stairs. It may not even be safe to have anywhere but the ground floor. That Centurion is pretty nice. I had mine attached to the garage floor (cement) by a decent locksmith. Installation is going to be extra, and you will really want someone to deliver it. Lowe's tends to have a delivery fee (I think it's $50 or so). Maybe you can get some of the guys from work to help, instead.

It's a condo. Don't even ask. Just assume it's going to be somewhere on the first floor, preferably not in full view of the casual observer. Do NOT keep the combination where random folks can find it.

{I'll check back in the AM.}


@csunwold: Side note or hint or something...nothing to do w/guns. You need not borrow bucky's, check out dailysteals dot com today.

Sorry for the diversion. ;-)


Since your in the Seattle area - I'd definitely check out Cabelas (north of Olympia) and Sportco in Fife. ( The guys working both stores know their stuff. Give 'em a call and see if they can help you. My dad got his ginormous American Security" safe at Sportco when they were having a sale. Got a very good deal on it w/delivery & installation in his house. Looks like they carry one in your price range that would suit your needs. And give you extra space for documents like birth certificates, passports, emergency cash, etc.
I'd bump up your budget closer to $500 - you really get a lot better quality in that price range. And ALWAYS triple test the lock/keypad before leaving the store. Dad had trouble with his at first, and it was a pain to get someone qualified to come correct the issue.


oh, also -

If you have your handguns for home invasion protection, think about getting a case just for one handgun and keep it in your nightstand. Lots of options for those out there.

Underbed safe,too:

Whatever you decide, definitely get it at an actual store. Shipping on these things is bananas.


Other than what msot others have already stated, my only suggestion would be to make sure that you get an electronic keypad as opposed to a combination lock. If you ever need to open it in the dark it'll be much easier.


Depending on how many you have, going with a Liberty as above noted would be a great idea. However, I would caution that even an electronic keypad is liable to fail due to battery outage. If you want a quick-access, keyless, non-rotary-combination, non-electronic solution for just one gun in your collection, a Simplex lock (mechanical push-button lock) might be a good option.

Of course, you could always go with the same sort of option for your sidearm.


Unless I've missed reading it, don't forget to get something with a good fire rating and make sure it has a dehumidifier bar as well.

BTW, there's something about a gun safe that makes guns multiply (at least that is what seems to happen at our house).


Kinda off topic but can't resist....

Seems like the trigger locks are of some use.

My husband got a decent deal at Gander Mountain on a gun safe. He watched the sales and got an additional discount for a floor model with slight cosmetic scuffing. This one does not house guns but it is a nice all purpose safe.


Here is an eye-opening article on the lack of security provided by some budget gun safes. More reasons to avoid buying cheap made-in-Asia items that have critical performance requirements.


@csunwold: Just a final note. Cast me on the side opposed to electronic locks. You don't want to own something that you can't open (or worse, will open on its own) with an extended power outage.

Disclaimer: I know most of the people involved in these videos. (NSFW)


Give me Liberty, or give....wait a minute....


While I would love to have a nice big Liberty safe, I don't have the room or money so I bought this $400 one at Home Depot 7 years ago. It is good quality, and interior lockbox, has storage under the floor, and I was able to build a shelf to lay across the middle to put a handgun rack on. The way I have it set up, you can fit 9 handguns and 8 long guns.


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