questionswhat happened to new logo? new company?


I see a new logo and you can do a survey;

I think Rakuten has been behind but are just showing their face now as new branding.


Rakuten hasn't always been behind They acquired them in July 2010.


@xdavex: Thanks for the assist. Perhaps my memory of the "old" is bad, but the current site design strikes me as jumbly, unattractive, way too busy, and reminiscent of dozens of cheesy Chinese wholesale sites.


@magic cave: you are definitely right. looks really bad. i had been a big supporter of them for a long time, but then stopped needing stuff so i stopped going there. still got the daily emails listing the sale stuff. noticed the rakuten logo slowly start to appear and thought it was just a points/reward program. now it looks like it was just a "get use to the name" situation. bye bye .


@magic cave: Totally agree, if google or an ad from an email does not take me directly to the equipment I want, I do not use the site. I also use to price compare for best prices on their site vs other sites, but only after I know exactly what I want using a different site like Tiger or Newegg.

Answering the OP, ugly logo.

edit Seems a bit better then it used to be but still advertisements for Amazon hard drives right in the results of out of stock hard drives seems uber cheesy!


@wootfast: I was reading these comments and at first glance I thought your post was by wootbot. I had to do a doubletake.


@wootfast: So can we assume it will henceforth be known as bought dot com?