questionsis this an amazon lightning deals glitch or a rip…


Haven't you seen how fast a BOC can go once it appears for sale?


@cengland0: But the BOC is usually accompanied by pretty flashing lights to distract me from my inevitable crushing disappointment. :( I mean, these are called LIGHTNING deals, and there's STILL no flashing lights!


I purchased an item last night that was sold out by the time I checked out and got to the thank you for your purchase page. I was on it the second it went live and all my info is ready to go. I only had to click a few times, so I guess some things go really quick.


if Amazon has 10,000 of the item available (a reasonable number) and 100,000 people jump on it as soon as it becomes available (also a reasonable number, especially for really good deals on popular items), then you'd expect it to work pretty much exactly like you're seeing.

In fact, even if they have 100,000 of the items available, it would work pretty much like you're seeing.

It pretty much is like a bag of crap, except that it (probably) costs more than $3 plus $5 shipping and is (probably) not three random items and a bag.


@baqui63: True. You're probably right. But it seemed weird to me because the item that did this yesterday was an 8-track recorder whose regular price on Amazon was $199 and was eligible for a 15% discount. If I recall correctly, the "Lightning Deal" price was still only $181! It doesn't seem like the kind of deal that would fill up a Waitlist, while on the other hand I've seen the Xbox bundles at great prices that didn't sell out instantly and that had spots available on the Waitlist until the deal expired due to time.

I dunno, just seemed fishy to me.


Has anyone noticed the countdown timers changing? I was watching a deal and right before it was going to go live, it added 5 hours to the countdown.

I think Amazon is out to get me.


Yes, the actual glitch in this case is that the timers are not accurate to anything inside of ten seconds. I had multiple windows open for several deals over the past few days, and the counters were varying wildly, and also updating every now and then to suddenly add or subtract several seconds at once.

I forgot the first thing that I missed, but I hesitated about three seconds before clicking on the button, and then it didn't do anything. Several clicks later, it told me the waitlist was full. Occasionally, this would update and change to Join Waitlist, and upon clicking that, I was told that the waitlist was in fact still full. After the first time, I was ready for the Toshiba thrive, and clicked it just as the button became available. Same thing happened. It was also repeated with several Xbox and PS3 deals, and some smaller items that I wouldn't have expected but have already forgotten.


also keep in mind that Amazon maintains huge datacenters, across which the propagation of "instant" sub-minute updates might be technologically unfeasible


This has happened to me time & again in the past few days, to the point that I've given up. I'd never seen it happen before--the moment it's live I hit the "Add to Cart" button and nothing happens. I keep hitting it and within a couple of seconds it turns to "waitlist full."


I received this email the other day:

"Dear Customer,

We recently learned you may not have been able to take advantage of a limited-time Lightning Deal on Black Friday due to technical issues on the website, so we would like to offer you an promotional credit of $5.00 on your next purchase."

I don't even remember what it was that I might have been attempting to buy and lost out on. But I guess it confirms that the technical issues are real. And that throwing random, unmemorable items into your shopping cart may be worth $5 later.


I just ran into another lightning deal "glitch or rip-off." This time I got the deal to my cart and went directly to check out, but at check out it had full price. I bought it anyway, just to have a record of the time I'd placed the order (within the alloted deal time), and then went to my account & help. I chatted online with someone who made me wait about 8 minutes to then tell me she could be of no help to me because I placed the order too late! (Mind you, there could not have been more than 30 seconds between my ordering it and checking out.) I was too pissed to reply and just closed the chat window lest I wrote something very, very naughty...


@pamfenway: Wow, how frustrating! >:| I'm surprised they didn't offer you at least a small coupon like @rainbowshark got.

I noticed yesterday that even the Waitlist might not be working well--after putting myself on the Waitlist, I was notified a few minutes later that my "time had run out." It's possible that I just didn't check the browser window often enough, but my spot on the list was 500+ and I don't think I let much more than 15 minutes elapse between joining it and getting that message.

I love the deals when I can snag 'em, but it's always disappointing to miss out--especially when due to a technical problem.