questionsanyone else have this tuesday off?


Pffffffft...Lincoln's birthday? It's not cool with the FDIC so it doesn't really count. However, his actions did create a couple of "holidays" that are FDIC approved so be happy that you get it. I don't. :(


Am no longer working (retired), but have never heard of Lincoln's Birthday as a holiday. Also, know nothing of both Friday, the 15th AND Monday, the 18th as holidays. The official government holiday is President's Day, and is the 3 Monday of Feb. This year that's the 18th.

Lucky you if you get Lincoln's BD off. BTW: Years ago, the official recognized holiday was George Washington's birthday, Feb. 22nd. That was changed to "President's Day."


Most schools around here (California) get a 4 day weekend basically calling Lincoln's birthday on Friday and Washington's Birthday on Monday.


@conanthelibrarian: Interesting since both days are not really Lincoln's, or Washington's BDs. I grow old, and understand their fake 'logic' less and less. Absurd.


@gmwhit: When I was growing up in California, before they invented "Presidents' Day," we got out of school for both Lincoln's birthday on the 12th and Washington's on the 22nd.

However, growing up in sunny California, we didn't get the "winter break" in February that my spouse did growing up in New England.

Edit: And now we don't get any holidays in February.


@gionot: :-) Am, no doubt, much older than you. When I was in school we had very few 'days off.' Washington's BD, 2/22 was 1. Thursday & Friday off for Thanksgiving. Christmas week . NO 'winter or spring' break. School started around 9/1 and ended around the end of May. No "Teachers Days" off during the year. No studying for tests. I walked to school. No buses. No parents driving their children to school. No snow days. ...and on and on.

Ah, well. As I said, I grow old. Am VERY grateful for the education I received. My children did not fare so well. ...slowly steps down from soap box. Sorry for the 'why, when I was young' rant.

But still...Get off my lawn!


Lincoln's birthday?? Even the UAW didn't negotiate for that one. Working in the auto industry was the first time I encountered "Easter Monday" though. And observing Veteran's Day whenever it was convenient for the start of hunting season.

We used to get a day for Washington (aka President's Day), but then they ditched that in favor of MLK day. So you'd get off the Monday after classes started back, and then nothing in February.

Never heard of anyone getting Lincoln's day.


Nope. I'm working. No holiday at all for me.


HAH! My work gives two days off a year: Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Of course I'm off Tuesday. It's Mardi Gras.


@jazzsinger: and THAT is why Tuesday is a holiday!!

In Louisiana the public sector offices, schools and colleges are closed for Mardi Gras. Most schools just go ahead and close for Lundi Gras, as well. There's almost no point trying to stay open when so many people just won't be there, and in parade areas it might be nearly impossible to even get to work or school due to crowds and road closures. State offices are open for Presidents Day, choosing to close for Mardi Gras, instead.

Throw me something, mister!


My next day off isn't until "spring holiday," which always seems to fall on good friday. Strange, that.


Our office closes on MLK day and President's day, but never Lincoln's BD. Unfortunately I never get to take either day off since it's the worst time of the year in accounting, so I work then use them in the summer when I can enjoy them.

I do know the various schools in my area are closed Friday (2/15) and Monday (2/18).


If I remember correctly, years ago there were two holidays, Washington's Birthday and Lincolns' Birthday...except that they did not celebrate Lincolns Birthday in the South...go figure.
So they combined the two and called it President's day.


My employer clusters all their holidays around christmas so they can shut the place down for a week. I didn't even know getting Lincoln's birthday off was a thing.


I have never worked anywhere that got ANY of those days off. Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and that's pretty much it. Other than bank employees and government employees, I don't know anyone else that gets these other days off.


Nope. I get no holidays between New Years (or the Monday after if it falls on a weekend) and Memorial Day. Makes for a very, very long spring and almost requires me to take some vacation time or go just a little bit bonkers.
But, on the plus side, I get the week between Christmas and New Years as holiday. Seems like a reasonable tradeoff to me.


@gmwhit: There's fairly conclusive evidence that students do better over the long-term by having more breaks during the school year and shorter summer breaks because students "lose" relatively little knowledge/skills over a 1-2 break, but lose quite a bit over a three-month break. This is especially true for students from families with lower levels of income and/or parental education. In addition, many schools in colder climates are starting to have longer breaks between December-March, extending the school year into June or early July so that they can shut down during the coldest weeks of the year and save crazy amounts of money on heating.

I laughed at your "when I was young" story and appreciated it, but I also think that some of the reasons why schools are extending breaks are interesting.


@neuropsychosocial: Appreciate your answer. Can't disagree w/the 'longer break' theory of losing some knowledge/skills. Actually know very little about it now. Have 'heard' (from teachers) that they spend a great deal of time teaching to tests. Not teaching lessons. Clearly not their fault. Mandates. That is sad to me. Wagging the tail of the dog? Also, there seem to be countless "Teacher's Days" off. And so many other 'holidays'.

Just my far-removed, out of the loop opinion. Do think that the quality of education has slipped over the years. When one of my children graduated from High School, I felt that "Functionally Illiterate" was an apt description. Of course my opinion is only that. I could be wrong. Am so not trying to start a debate on education.


@gmwhit: If you do want to start a debate on education, I will be happy to share information about efforts by our current state administration to privatize public education to his for-profit buddies and how that is destroying the system here....

But then, this might be too intense for DW, or maybe I might be too intense ABOUT the topic.

Move along. Nothing to see here.


@neuropsychosocial: @gmwhit: I would be inclined to enter that rant, I mean conversation. Several of my siblings are MR and need a class over the summer to maintain the knowledge over the long break. The school changed to a four day week last year and that seems to be working well for them. The days are long, though. I would like to see a more practical approach to teaching and subjects. Start with lifeskills and build from there. I better stop here, I could really get going...

Back on topic, I get Monday off only. The work will be piled up on Tuesday for me. Ten federal holidays a year, all unpaid days.


@pattiq: My son is on the spectrum, but never qualified for the Extended School Year Program here. The program is invaluable for many kids, and even those who don't qualify for retention reasons could benefit from access to summer programs. There was talk here a number of years ago about going to a 12 month school year, modeled after the one in Hawaii. Of course, that was before THIS governor who has been selling off public sector services and assets and replacing them with services contracted to his donors (or not replacing them at all).

I noted above that Tuesday is a state holiday in Louisiana, rather than Monday. I should have added that EVERY DAY is a holiday for those of us who are retired! (Gloat! Gloat!)


@neuropsychosocial: Probably true academically. But I learned a lot about life as a kid during summer break. I grew up in big cities back east, and the first week of summer we'd board a Greyhound bus with my grandmother and head for rural Alabama. We'd spend a month with each of her three sisters, where we learned to milk cattle and herd them with sticks, lay barbed wire, care for chickens, collect eggs, grow and care for fruits and vegetables, cook on a wood burning stove, clean clothes using a washboard, use an outhouse, get water from a well, and generally live like folks in the previous century had. Time stood still in that part of the country for a long time. We spent our free time making new friends, absorbing a completely different way of life by osmosis, and living in an occasionally Lord of the Flies but usually more Stand by Me kingdom of wild children for a quarter of every year. Those were precious times, sacred in my memory.


I get no time off. Sad face.