questionswhat office items do you use most often? what…


A Red Swingline stapler.


A comfortable office chair is a "must have!" If your friend will be sitting for long hours, a chair with good ergonomics can make the difference between having a stressful day or an efficient day.


Well, now that our most pressing worry seems to be calming down a bit, I can't resist.

Decent ISP (everyone's online, so this is a requirement)

Actually, I may come back in a bit with more (and better) suggestions.

[Edit] Brother P-Touch Labelmaker. This is a REQUIREMENT. P-Touch refills. Don't get the silver color; it sucks. White's the best, but if you need color coding, blue is pretty good as an alternative.


Pens (Jetstream, Signo, G2, etc)
Post-it Notes
Batteries (mouse, label maker, etc)
Coffee Pot (Keurig has those cool little one shot coffee,tea and chocolate)


Thank you all for the recommendations! There are some great suggestions here. Any others?


@xarous: "but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn't bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it's not okay because if they take my stapler then I'll set the building on fire..."


I just got one of those phone-riser desk organizers, and it's been rocking my socks. it's only about 3" off the esk, but it frees up a little more surface spate to keep everything closely in reach.

In college I frequently used one of those egg-shaped page holders when typing. It was amazing. Now that I think about it, I should find mine; I could use it at work. It's similar to this: and nice because of the small footprint compared to the ones that support the entire sheet.

Whitebords are an obsession in my office. I like lots of marker colors so I can categorize my to do list better when it's just me OR so I can diagram more effectively when explaining to others.

Lastly, no office is complete without flying screaming Woot monkeys and at least one set of Woot Off lights.


@perkalicious11: i agree, a white board is a must.

i also like cork boards (bulletin board) & push pins.


Working for the military as an office junkie my most frequently used office supplies would be first and foremost my trusty dell computer, followed by pocket folders, boxes of reams of paper, followed closely by my hp printer and copier. Then it would be my stapler followed by paper clips (the really hard ones) Essential tools would be pens and pencils. My personal favorite item to have in any office would be a medium sized white board with erasable markers to track everything. I hope I have been of good help.


Let's see if I can add anything:

staple remover
file folders
hanging files if using file cabinet
scotch tape
more post it notes (can never have too many)
envelopes of varying sizes
postage stamps
music source (working from home can get too quiet)
letter opener

That is all for now.


Because it's a business, the first question must be "Is this an office that clients or customers will visit to conduct business or a private workplace?" If it's open to the public, it should be as visually presentable and enticing, as comfortable as your family room, and as upscale as economically possible. That means good looking furniture from desks to chairs to tables to cabinets, colorful and happy art on the walls, a kitchenette and well stocked fridge, and an always clean bathroom.

If it's a home office that customers or clients will never see, the only criteria is what providing whatever makes the business as efficient and profitable as possible.

Remember - don't sweat the small stuff. The staplers' color and paperclips' size are small. A business without any business is big. Worry about that before any office supplies.


A small, or large refrigerator for beer.


Well, maybe he/she can get two other people to stop by, they can be the HR nazi that will tell your friend what is and is not acceptable in the office, they will also say how large a thing may be, how many of a thing they may have, will tell your friend that their cologne/perfume cannot be worn, and will warn them about hurting other people's feelings by wishing them a merry christmas.

The other person can be the snitch that runs to the HR nazi for every perceived wrong that they have endured while working that day.

After these things happen your friend will feel as though they are working in a regular office. If she/he can swing it, get two more people to show up, one can be the office jerk, and the other can be the cool/hot person everyone wants to be around.

I have found that these items must be "must haves", because they have been in every office I have worked in.


Thanks for all of the suggestions!