questionswhat is the best android tab this holiday?


What're you looking for?
That's the most important start. I just spent months researching my decision (just bought my Acer A500 last week).
My deciding factors were:
> USB port
> HDMI out
> SDHC card expandability (Toshiba Thrive has full size SDHC support, most others use micro SDHC)
> Current OS & forecast for ICS 4.0? (Some decent tabs still run 2.3 and may never get upgraded).
> Can you live with a cheaper screen or do you have a nice phone you're used to? (the cheaper capacitive and definitely resistive screens will leave you less satisfied if you're used to a decent phone experience)
> Do you plan on rooting or do you want to leave it OEM for simplicity?
> Android Market (sounds funny, but many economy tabs do not have straightforward market access, such as Archos)
> Honest hands on feeling. Go to Best Buy, spend time with each tablet, they carry the main brands. If there's a Fry's go there, they also have the economy one's on display.
> New or refurb?

Lots of options :)


Oh, and 2 good reasons to look hands on at a store.
> Each manufacturer skins Android to their taste, so even though the mainstream tabs all are running Honeycomb 3.0+, each can look and feel different depending on device manufacturer.
> Each case/size feels different. They may all be 10" tabs that weigh within a few grams of each other, but each can feel different in your hands due to materials or design.

After all was said and done, I preferred the Acer A500, but the Toshiba Thrive was a close #2. I have little desire to buy a dock for it to make it a laptop, and I wanted ports to plug things into it, also wanted something that should be updated to the next level of Android.

And I couldn't use enough self control to wait a few months for the next generation of quad core's to hit the market :)


The best deal (or will be soon) is the Asus eee pad Transformer. When the Prime comes out, it should knock the price on this quality tablet down even further.


All I can say is don't get the gTablet.

It's prone to breaking, and there is no warranty.
(Well, there is technically a warranty, they'll just make you pay $200 to repair whatever minor problem there is. IF you can get ahold of them that is.)


There is no 'best' Android tablet, it really depends on what a person's requirements are and naturally those things will vary from person to person


What is best depends on your needs and what you like.
I use the 7" Google Nexus 7 because it is pretty amazing for what it can do and how well it does it. Plus I like being 'pure' Android so that I don't have to mess with upgrades and fixes. Google automatically takes care of all that for free. The 16 gig unit is now $200 and the 32 gig unit is $249.
Downsides is limited USB and also no HDMI output.
But as I said, for my needs and those of most of my family members, Nexus7 fills the bill nicely.