questionsany of you have a yoshi blue pan?


I saw these a few years ago but they were pretty expensive. I got some Green Pans by Todd English. I like them alot, nothing sticks inside or out. The only complaint is the finish starts to chip off around the rims and even on the bottom where it sits on the burner.


I was wondering about these pans too. It would awesome of they work like they say they do, I could use a durable nonstick pan.
@minkeygirl7: We have one of those at my house too. I agree, it's a good nonstick pan for awhile and then the coating starts to wear off. It did last longer than other nonstick pans though.


This review is pretty convincing -

If they really do work this well, I'll grab one for my travel kitchen. Cleaning up pans in hotel rooms can be annoying.


@anorion: Yup, I saw that ad too when I was looking for Yoshi blue reviews.

Here's a site for all the complaints (mostly ordering problems):

I really want one. Was wondering if anyone had any input on these too.

Also too bad Amazon doesn't sell these, lol:


I found a big stack of them at Wal-Mart. I'll go over today and get one, then let you guys know how it worked for me!


I wanted a Yoshi pan , but Mario was not selling them the day I went to the store


I ran out and bought one. So far I cooked some hash browns, an egg, and a bit of meat in it. Not horrible so far. I guess my one complaint is you have to cook everything on low to medium heat, and it's just too hard to get that crispy sear that I enjoy.

I'll try and use it as much as possible in the next few weeks to see if the reviews that say it loses it's effectiveness after time are true.


I got a yoshi blue pan about a week ago, and i made a fried egg, Which i could not flip because it stuck to the pan like glue. I would NOT recamend you waste your money on the terrible pan.


I actually like the skillet, but placing the order via phone is a scam. I am sure they make more money trying to sell other stuff and your contact info than on the skillet. I can't comment about on line but assume it is the same. I would go to Walmart, I understand the sell the product. I hate scams and ordering Blythe tv ad is just that