questionsany kickstarter veterans out there?


If you haven't listened to Amanda Palmer's TED talk about her Kickstarter experience, it might be worth the time.

The Spouse and I have backed a total of maybe 20 Kickstarter projects. The ones I felt strongest and most positive about stayed in fairly regular (but not necessarily frequent) email contact with me about the progress of the project. One in which I parked $50 (which is a lot for me) was producing a book of his photography. The project wrapped up a couple of months ago, and two weeks ago I got email asking if I'd received my copy of the book. When I replied I hadn't, I had an answer back in 20 minutes saying they'd get one in the mail that day. It arrived two days later, more beautiful than I'd expected. You can be real sure I'd follow any project they want to work on.

Good luck with your shoe project!


As someone who is currently getting screwed on a kickstarter (I've sponsored 9, including pebble, and only 1 has been a problem), keep your supporters informed. We went months without an update, only to find out they ran out of money and probably won't deliver. Also, be conservative; don't be optimistic in your money or timeline.

All that said, good luck, and let us know when it launches. I'd be interested to take a look.


@magic cave: I had not listened to that TED talk, thank you, and it had some great thoughts, thanks!
@okham: Good thoughts, thanks! I'll post it for sure, just hope it won't be deleted for looking like self-promotion! I would love to get feedback from the community though!


@luvche21: Just a follow-up to the communication thing. I also contributed to an aspiring singer hoping to fund her first profesional CD. She has a pretty steady history of successful gigs in her local area, and she'd posted several clips on youtube. I liked her style, and she seemed to have a workable business plan and a realistic budget, so I sent her $10.

I got email from her every 2-4 weeks for a few months, with regular progress updates. I was tickled by her writing style: she was excited and happy and it came through clearly in her emails.

Eventually I got an email saying the CD's were ready for distribution, and there was a link to download it (which was the "gift" for my little $10 contribution). It was really quite good,

Stay in touch with your investors!


@magic cave: Thanks for the tips! I don't think we will have quite as many updates as a singer would have since we've already done most of the work in finding the product, securing a manufacturer, etc. But, we don have some ideas of things to keep our backers informed as we go along (shipping, receipt and preparation of final product, key manufacturer relations, and even some awesome cultural insights of where the shoes are from, etc).

What updates were the most important for you to receive (other than the obvious final product update)? Was an update every couple weeks the right amount, not enough, or too much? Does the singer still send updates since the final product?


@luvche21: No updates since the project was completed, which is fine.

The frequency was not particularly important to me, although the regularity was, if that makes sense. It became evident that she was mailing more or less every two weeks. There wasn't all that much content, though; it was perhaps one paragraph of project, two or three sentences of slightly more personal "rah rah, I'm so excite" stuff, and a sentence or two of gratitude for all her "partners." I liked it primarily because it was one of my earliest Kickstarter projects, and I was a little antsy about how it all worked out.

Since your project is so different, it's likely you'd need far less contact to keep people feeling involved.

There are two issues here, from my perspective. One is the matter of making your investors feel they're part of the team and their investment, even the little $10 guys. The other is a meta issue of teaching new Kickstart funders how it works and how to enjoy the process.

Good luck!


@magic cave: Thanks! I'll keep that in mind as we go along, and I will definitely post it here in a few weeks when we launch.


@magic cave: @okham: We just launched our project!!
If you're interested:

Thanks for all of your help so far!