questionsam i going through an early mid-life crisis?


Lego's fun at every age. If you build a 1:1 model of a Ferrari, then maybe it's something more.


Nah. My spouse bought me a Lego Tardis for my birthday. What's the fun in growing older (or growing up) if you can't indulge at least some of your whims when you want to?


after this,I am playing Sonic and Knuckles!


Quite the contrary. Striving to make art, at any age, is an appreciation of the marvel of life. And Lego is a medium channeling play and imagination and simple wonder, things we are told as children that we will someday lose but should try not to.

Mid-life crises are, in my untrained opinion, healthy. It is the realization that life is a wonderful, but limited, thing. The panic of it, though severe, is surely beneficial if it prompts positive change. The reason the term has such negative connotations are the way individuals respond to their mid-life crises. Rebelling against mortality by maxing out credit on an extravagant sports car, or by abandoning a family, or by desperately clinging to youth for youth's sake, these are things which tend to destroy, rather than refine, a life in crisis.

But Legos? Art? Play? Play on, friend. Just don't let the corner of a thin piece ravage the underside of your thumbnail as you try to pry two apart. :)


Make lovely art, whatever the medium. :) (And then come share pictures, please, we need more neat pictures to liven up the dreary winter.)


"Mid-Life Crisis" is just a buzz word for finally being able to afford the things you've wanted all your life.


I've been craving playing with Legos lately. I think an hour would be about right, so I don't want to buy any; I keep brainstorming how I can ask my friends if I can borrow a bucket of their kids' Legos. Haven't worked up with the courage yet (also, afraid of the germs!).

I really like @dupedyetagain's comments about midlife crisis. They echo something I read recently that suggested midlife crises are about realizing that life is finite and that many of life's "doors" have closed without one realizing it. It seems like there are two choices after realizing that: PANIC or ask "What really matters?".


When you start making a red convertible and a college mistress out of Lego, then maybe we'll start talking about a mid-life crisis.


Legos never go out of style.