questionswhat are you thankful for this year?


I'll start off:
I am thankful that I live in a comparatively peaceful country. (Not like the Middle East, Central Africa, or any of the -istan countries)
I am thankful that I get to vote for the leaders of the country, rather than having to take up arms to bring change. (see above)
I am thankful that my kids are generally healthy.
I am thankful that I have a good job, even if they work me to death. That's how I can afford wooting so much.


You know what I am thankful for? YOU GUYS! Man o man, do the users here post some fantastic deals. I truly appreciate it, especially this time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving Wooters!


I'm thankful that I have my own problems, and not those of some of our friends.

Ours are challenging enough.


What fantastic tags!

For posterity: holiday-spirit * thanksgiving * chat * holidays * not-in-syria-today

Closer to home, I am grateful that we are together, healthy, happy, and safe: a year ago, I didn't know if I'd ever feel happy or safe again.

I am grateful for eight legs, four itchy ears, and two bellies-that-often-need-rubbing, and for our mutual love that makes our house a home.

I am grateful for having health insurance for another ten months and access to outstanding medical care that will (hopefully) allow me to return to work.

I am grateful for each individual who has reminded me of the kindness of people, including people I know in person, people I know via the internet, or people I know only for a moment, who hold a door open or smile or say thank you.

I am grateful for @narfcake: for him as a person, as a friend, and as someone who may be the first important person in my life to genuinely care about what happens to me without worrying about the impact on him.


My family's health, because without that it's hard to enjoy anything else. I also got one more Thanksgiving with my parents, who are 81 and 79 yet still mobile and mostly active.


This will sound trite, or inspired by Hurricane Sandy (I am in the Midwest and was in no way impacted), but it is neither: I am thankful every day that I have electric power and running water. I have no particular reason to worry about electricity or water, but at some point, pretty much every day, I think: it's great that I have electric power and running water. And that there is no standing water in the basement. I'm also pretty happy that I don't personally know anyone in the hospital or dying right now. After that, everything's negotiable, you know?

For instant, right now I'm thankful that MeTV is showing a Kojak episode with James Woods. And yeah, I'm thankful again for power and water because I just did laundry and will have clean, dry clothes for work tomorrow. Man, we live in a good age.


I am thankful for several things: my beautiful wife, 2+ years with a liver transplant, and a cool freelance writing job that landed this spring.