questionssocks, are they anyone else's morning nightmare?


Here you go

Also, having clothes set out is a plus in the mornings. I use to have the same problem. Easy to eliminate with slight effort.


@gthuffines: You don't have a socks problem, you have an organizational problem. As Mr Average White said, you can set things out in the evening beforehand.

Unless your kids are below the age of four, they should be able to put away their own clothes. It's all about planning.

Not that any of that works for me, though.


I threw all of my socks away and started over, but that's more do-able for a single kid-less male.
2 piles of short socks (same brand/sock)
2 piles of long socks (same brand/sock)
2 pairs of dusty dress socks.

Problem solved :)


socks are the bain of my existence, too.

I hate sorting them. Its one of those time wasters that i'd rather not put energy into. I have 15 different types of black socks, 3 pairs or so each. different brands, different shades, etc. Screw that - I actually did exactly what you proposed.

I found a sock I liked, and them bought it in bulk. In my case - I only wear black cotton socks (I hate nylon/ soggy socks) - I found a decent sock (chaps) that is cotton, the thickness that I like, but doesn't look like a sport sock (ie: is acceptable in shoes)- found them in bulk on ebay (24 pairs) and bought them. Threw away every other tall sock I own.

for sport socks, I'll typically only ankle high anyways. For those as well, I threw out all my old stuff and started over with a single brand, single color.

It works for me anyways, because I have mutant toenails that no matter how trimmed i keep them - still manage to wear holes through, so there's a high turnover rate.


Please, for the love of Pete, tell me that y'all didn't throw your socks in the trash, but rather donated them to charity or at a minimum recycled them. You should be able to place textiles in the same bin as paper.


why not think.. outside the box:

@goatcrapp: i have the same big toe problem. the nail beds sortof stick up more than normal, constantly. So no matter how trimmed, i get big toe holes.


If you're just going to throw them away, hit up a Walmart for socks.
Get a lingerie bag for each child to put his/her dirty socks. On wash day, zip bags closed, wash, dry, hand off to owner to sort & fold.
Delegate, man!


@w00tgurl: These are pretty cool ideas! Laziness is the mother of invention!

(I should be Thomas Edison Then)


@gthuffines: I have basically 1 sock, 50 times.