questionswhat are some good 3d movies?


I liked A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D. If those kinds of movies are your thing, then you'll definitely like it in 3D. They poke fun at all the cheesy ways people utilize the tech and just make a big goof out of it.


Avatar, Prometheus and Underworld: awakening are the best movies visually for 3d that I've come across. That said, I won't go 3d at home until it's glasses free. Too much hassle otherwise.


The ones that are 2d....

Not a fan of 3d personally but avatar was good and any of the animated ones are good


The 3D in Avatar was great. Prometheus looks great in 3D, too, so be sure to check it out when the Blu-ray is released.
TRON: Legacy has probably the third best 3D I've seen, but I think it's actually better in 2D. I don't watch many CG films, but I hear they have decent 3D.

If you really get into it, you can use to find out whether a movie was filmed in 3D or post-processed. If you're really happy with the films you've cited, though, it may be best to leave this list alone.


@proxgotshafia, actually I messed up my wording. I should of said they looked decent. Now we watched some others ones and they were much better.

It's really had to find avatar 3d in stores, but I'm still hunting for it. May have to get it online.

And the glasses free 3d thing won't come for at least another 10 years. They have to have cameras that track people's eyese and adjust the screens and stuff. And btw, the glasses are almost nonexistent. The passive 3d Tvs use the same glasses as the movie theaters. But the movie theater onse are not as comfortable. They are very bland and blocky. Yo really have to try a 3d tv out in someone's home that has a passive 3d tv in order to see what I mean.



Cinematic masterpiece. Artful use of 3D. Much better than you'd expect for a story you might have thought was just for kids. If you haven't seen it, buy it anyway. It doesn't use 3D as a gimmick in any way.


@omniChad, actually in the post above the movie that I thought was amazing WAS Hugo! It was realllllllly good. I Love this new tv! Now we have a new tradition! We have like movie night once a month now where our entire family comes over.


Any animated movie probably looks the best. Animated movies seem to have more defined edges and depth. Also they have more vibrant colors and the picture is clear and crisp across the whole screen. Most live action movies have 3d blurry areas due to the focus. I know all movies have focus to them with some blurriness but it seems so much more blurry in those particular movies. I don't know if that gets on other people's nerves but it gets on mine. I did like Thor in 3d though.


Prometheus, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Lion King, Nightmare Before Christmas are all really good 3D.
Prometheus and RE where shot in 3D and it shows. The new RE coming in Sept is 3D also.
Looking forward to Finding Nemo in 3D too.


Sorry, not a 3D fan yet. I'm too old-school I guess.