questionsdid you see that a painting of a naked bea arthur…


Did not see this news. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Oh, my. I loved Bea Authur! Superb actress; very funny lady. The auction notes states that the painting was derived from a fully clothed photograph. Don't care either way.

I think it always surprises me that people have that much money ($1.9 million) to spend on a painting. SO not saying that's wrong. Will say if I had that much money to spend on art, it wouldn't be on this painting. But then, it would probably be on something else that someone would say precisely what I just said. ;-)


She never posed for the painting, which somehow makes my nude drawings of women I know less weird.


oh, ok. So that's how it is. I pay 20 bucks to see a topless woman at the local pub, and my wife gets all bent out of shape. Somebody pays 2mil to own a topless pic and he's an "art connoisseur." All joking aside, buying expensive works of art is no different than buying gold or another precious metal. They retain value for the most part, so those "you can feed 100 African villages with that painting" arguments are not so valid.


@curtisuxor: No, not really, particularly as long as women is plural. Just because something is creepier than your thing doesn't mean your thing is any less creepy.
Also, as this is The Internet(tm), pics or it didn't happen. ;p


@jsfs: Woman in this case is certainly creepier than women. A general creep (if you think of him as that) is less offensive than a creep fixating on a particular woman.


@luzysstorageplace: Eh, I hadn't considered that angle. I was thinking that with a single subject there would be a reasonable chance of the two being in a long-term relationship (or a very busy short-term one), and that does reduce the creepiness substantially for me. But now I guess there just isn't a way to have naked drawings of people without it being creepy.


Nope, and I blame OP for this entirely. I hope you're happy with yourself.


@jsfs: Makes sense. I guess I think weirdly. But, by definition, if the dude is part of a loving and caring relationship with the woman,he's no longer a creeper...


This is the best question of the day ever. period.