questionswould a new macbook air with the 2.0 ghz intel i7…


@captainsuperdawg: Minimum system specs from the vendor != "will this hold its own".

That said, I think it would be fine, but I have no experience with that combo.


I'm a mac user and I don't see any reason why you couldn't run CS6. Since you're using the Air, you do not have a DVD-ROM drive so you'll have to get one of those for installation purposes.

The speed of a processor rarely has anything to do with compatibility of the program. If you have a slow processor, the program will still run but will run slowly.


I’m with cengland0 on this one as well. I think that you are looking at way more computer that what’s needed to run CS6. I run CS5 (mostly Dreamweaver and Photoshop) all of the time on my 6 yr old Dell Precision Centrino Duo with no problems whatsoever.

As far as the retina goes, if you haven’t been to a Apple store already, go check it out. We didn’t see value in the $600 premium.

Also, do you need the newest Macbook Air? How about this one (the 256GB version is a heckuva deal):


@cengland0: Well don't forget you can get cs6 as a download now! No more disk needed! Although you're right, I will need to get a drive, but it will basically be free. I can get the student discount on CS6 and get it for $400! But (as a lot dont know), when you buy a new Mac, you can get cs6 for only $300! So basically all that does is leave the extra $100 I was planning to spend on CS6 to get a drive!


@bbdickso1: Well unfortunate I'm one of those people that need the newest and best thing :). I like to invest in new products so they stay great for many many years. Hell I think I need to get 6 years out of this Mac!

Oh and yes, I did go to the apple store to se the retina display and thought it was astounding. Granted much is not there though until the OS X is installed to really bring it out. A great test on those is to go to YouTube and watch the 4k hobbit trailer. It really brings out the screen. Thanks for your suggestion though!


@allhighruler: no problem. We still haven't pulled the trigger on the MBpro....mainly because my wife WANTS the retina display. Good luck!


You shouldn't have any problems with that setup.