questionswhat criteria do you look for in a deal?


Poor answer, but "it depends".

Posted some funny stuff, posted some good deals, etc.


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Not to sure if I have a criteria, but I will tell you this, I can't help but vote up a deal when Bruce Campbell is involved :D


I'll also echo "it depends." For a deal that I'm going to think is a deal and purchase, I'd say it has to be at a decent discount (though this is relative, as for some items that have virtually no price fluctuation, 5 or 10% off can be a deal). If it's from a seller I know/ trust, or can easily find out I should, that helps too, though I would say the source of the deal doesn't inherently contribute to whether or not its a deal.

I would honestly say that most of what comes up on here qualify as deals in some sense of the word. Only when something is list price or above with no incentives would I say its not a deal. But something like "buy a computer at or around average price, get a free mp3 player/ tablet" would count as a deal to me.

EDIT: shipping can make or break a deal, so I'll add that. I've seen plenty on eBay and Amazon that seem like good deals, but then when you factor in shipping, it's basically the same cost as list if not more.


@mtm2: I don't think "It depends." is a poor answer. My question concerns what people look for. If "It depends." works for you it can't be wrong.


@jnissel: Your list is good.

I would add: Is the SAME item available elsewhere for less?

Example: Today's moofi offering Bowery Laptop Messenger Bag 16" for $24.99 + $5 shipping is available on Amazon for $24.95 w/Free shipping.


@gmwhit: that is a good example of my criteria. I see it a lot with the DVDs that are listed. They are great movies, and usually when they are listed there is some discount at the site that is listed, but often they are not the cheapest available (even from reputable sellers).


@mkdr: I know. I guess what surprised me (sorta) was the fact that it was a woot/moofi deal. I have been lulled into thinking that woot, et al, offers the very best deal. No longer true. One cannot assume that you won't be able to find the same thing for less elsewhere. Buyer beware: Check before you click that button.


I think that you have my criteria down pat. I won't disagree with any of yours. I would add "Is it cheaper on another site?" to the inclusive list. :)