questionswhich works best: borax, baking soda, or vinegar?


I had forgotten about Borax for years, but recently had to find some to tackle a specific issue. Good stuff. I think each of these things has specific advantages for specific cleaning problems so there might not be a clear answer here. Baking soda is another great staple to keep around.

Dang! Now I'm seeing all the things I need to clean.


For the purposes of making slime from when I was a kid Elmer's Glue, borax, and food coloring was the best.


pour some baking soda down the drain and add vinegar (shower, sinks, etc). the bubbling action gets the crud and slime out of the drains. Then flush down with hot water. my drains work more efficiently after doing this (about every other month I do this, or when a drain seems slow)


@mellielou: good idea. Forgot about this great combo for cleaning lots of different stuff.


for what?

manufacturing illicit drugs?
cleaning your coffee pot?
scrubbing oxidation off your silver set?

it's all in the details, lol.


Thanks for reminding me I should be cleaning.


@mellielou: that's actually the reason I starting using baking soda around the house. Was already using vinegar in my laundry, then a lady told me about the drains while I was out shopping. Gotta agree, it does work wonders.


@wvutkep1002: ummm, leave off the drugs and you'll be heading down my path of thinking, lol.

You did bring up another point, though. Which is best for cleaning out a coffee maker and pot?