questionsshould i purchase a blu-ray player?


You'll need a real bluray player to play that aquarium disc, unless it comes with a second DVD-formatted disc.

If you don't have an immediate need, just wait. They're getting cheaper all the time and packing more features in.


HD Moods: Aquarium 2.0 (Blu-ray/DVD Combo) $13.11

Fireplaces, Fishtank & Lava DVD $8.99

Even better, hook up an internet capable computer to your TV (I use an S video cable) and stream live video from a real aquarium:

Earthcam for Kids (lots of different streaming cameras)

Monterrey Bay Aquarium (also lots of different streaming cameras)

New England Aquarium Giant Ocean Tank webcam - Live Stream

Lots of others out there.


Whether or not you should get a bluray player is a good question, but getting a bluray player for an aquarium disc is silly.


@moondrake: WOW - geat sites. I find that looking at fish swimming in an aquarium is so relaxing.


@portezbie: Probably, but the disc over on priceplunge for $3.99 looked so inviting. I was hoping that a regular dvd player I already owned would play it with perhaps just a bit less color or some such thing. I just checked on a keyboard that I have not used that was a gift at christmas for my Ipad, and it says bluray on it - so that is compatible with an Ipad I guess. I am totally hopeless. I have no trouble with the keyboard on the Ipad itself.


@klozitshoper: Aquariums make me a bit dizzy. But my eyes are screwed up a bit. As far as I can tell those pictures that you are supposed to see in the colored dots are just a vast conspiracy as i can't see them at all. What I use for a relaxing background is a slideshow of about 1,000 travel photos I have taken all over the world. Every few seconds another pleasant memory pops onto the screen. I have it set up on a computer linked to my 65" TV, so it makes for a great conversation starter at parties.


While regular DVDs will (usually) play on either a DVD or Blu-ray player, Blu-ray discs will only play on a Blu-ray player.

You didn't say what size/resolution TV you hook the player to. It usually isn't worth the added expense of a Blu-ray system unless you have a 1080p TV that is at least 40 inches or there about, because the added clarity/resolution of the Blu-ray will hardly be noticeable on a smaller/lower resolution TV.

On the other hand, there are good Blu-ray players in the $50 range, so if you want to replace your old player(s) you may as well go for a Blu-ray, since it will still play your DVDs. And since the New Thing is 3D, people are moving to BR3D players with a 3D TV. You might be able to find their traded-in 2D stuff at a bargain price.

I have 7 BlueScenes discs, and they all look great. (LG Blu-ray player + 42" LG 1080p TV.)


I'm still in the DVD phase right now. I'm waiting for the technology to get cheaper. Wait about 5 months and there will be a really good deal then.


@klozitshoper: Did you just say that you have a blu-ray keyboard for your iPad??!?? Uhhh.... I don't think that's possible. Perhaps you meant bluetooth? Which is a wireless communication protocol, as opposed to blu-ray, which is a high-definition media format.


Blu-Ray is a great investment if you really want to enjoy your HD T.V.
Just buy a PS3. you get a Blu-Ray player that will do Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and others, plus its a decent gaming system. That and they are pretty cheap now.


@djp519: Yes indeed I meant bluetooth, although I did not know particularly how it differed from bluray. Please understand that I am really and truly challenged with this technical stuff. I would have noticed by the community deal up today for the bluetooth keyboard that that is something like I have but have never used yet.


@wickedd365: Thanks - off to check what PS3 is and will keep your advice in mind.


@klozitshoper: Sorry, should have spelled it out once.
PS3 = Playstation 3