questionsbuy the "physical game" -or- "digital download?


don't use games, but the same debate would apply to movies.
i definitely go for physical copy. ability to sell later. or if my computer crashes i still have the ability to watch later.


Unless it's one of those really great, hard-to-pass-up deals always go with physical. Same goes for books/ebooks.


The only console games I would DD are those that are so discounted that I wouldn't purchase them otherwise. I like being able to swap games with friends. DD doesn't allow that. Additionally I still have a 20GB on my 360 so I am very limited on space.


@martinez69: I am more likely to purchase an ebook than book as I like being able to read it from any PC, phone, or reader and have it automatically keep track of my place. I am also much less likely to loan out a book than I would any other media.


For the consoles, I've been buying physical copies, unless there's a good deal to be had with digital, which is relatively rare. For the PC, I've been going through Steam for most of my buys, especially considering some of the deals and the fact that you don't have to purchase through Steam necessarily. I still have piles of boxes and CDs back when we were forced to have physical copies, and they're just collecting dust now.


Physical copies for me, too. I prefer to own a copy of a game, not a temporary license to use a copy of a game.

Digital games would have to cost 50% or less of the price of their physical counterparts for me to even entertain the notion. On the Xbox (my primary gaming platform), this is almost never the case.


I play on the 360 and most of the games on demand (digital downloads) are actually more expensive than their physical counterparts. Somehow. Also I prefer having the physical case and manual. Those just belong with a game.


I'd say physical all the way for consoles and a mix of the two for PC depending on the game. Steam based games I don't mind doing DD as I can download it on any PC without issue and don't have to worry about the disc getting lost.

Though I would prefer going for DD if they actually give a decent discount for a physical copy and go DRM-free as I am sick and tired of the DRM crap publishers keep loading onto PC games. Steamworks DRM is okay though.