questionsif gaga crashes the amazonian servers, what…


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boc's crash Woot servers... (obvious answer)


@wilcononomous: I knew that one. Anything else that would crash it? That effin' Crapshoot game....SUCKED! Crashy Crashinator came by the Woot server room and crashed all over the place.


anonymous couldn't even take down amazon. and gaga did it?
the power of a 99 cent album...


@w00tgurl: gaga's new album is already in the 99c stores?


@w00tgurl: That was a big deal. Like, huge. I thought about it. While I enjoy and support Gaga's stance on a lot of important issues (read: Gay/Lesbian etc rights)I just do not know if a dollar for her "Mreh" (copyrite BootsBoots, shirt.woot) album was worth it.

Moral or TL;DR: Did not buy. The only sucker who did not, heh.


Lady Gaga, Bag of Crap... six of one, half-dozen of the other...


@bmw66x: A couple of comments (you knew I'd have to, right?):

First, the servers weren't actually crashed. From TFA you posted (and even though you added an extra U in SHRDLU, I appreciate very much the full article link), here's the comment.

"Spokeswoman Sally Fouts said Amazon experienced a high volume of traffic that caused delays for those downloading the album - echoing a posting on the album's product page on Customers who ordered the MP3 version of "Born This Way" on Monday will get it for 99 cents, she said."

Delays for those downloading the album is not quite the same as crashing. Having been on the other end of any number of Deals server errors, and plenty of Woot dot com server errors, I'm going to say that it would be more correct to say that Amazon deliberately throttled the downloads to protect the rest of the site. Just a guess on my part, but it's an educated guess.

Interesting, and thanks. :-D


Cringe LOLZ

For all you noobs- If you want to see what is linking to because your too scared to click on it. Put a + at the end to see more information about it.

You're welcome.


@shrdlu: Great analysis. Yahoo! News "billed" this "OMG big Story" as Gaga crashes Amazon servers. I hate Yahoo news. This is not news. I get actual news elsewhere.

Sorry bout the extra U. I remember thinking "Oh he'll be MAD if I spell his name wrong," but I didn't feel up to checking.